Forecast: Sargassum Influx in Tourism Destinations

As you may be aware, The Minister of Tourism along with the Belize Tourism Board established a Sargassum Task Force to address the impact of Sargassum on the public and the Tourism Industry. One of the deliverables of the task force was to develop a forecasting system to provide stakeholders with advance warning of the influx of Sargassum, in order to adequately prepare to minimize the impact on the community and the tourists. This is the first notice that is being provided by the National Meteorological Service of Belize. As the forecasting tool is fine-tuned, we will provide you with further updates.


The following is a special update on the Sargassum situation for residents along
coastal areas of the country:

Latest satellite imagery suggests that sargassum concentration has decreased slightly over
Belize's Coastal Waters. However, smaller mats may still be in the area and these could
still affect local beaches during the next few days.