We note the passing of Meg Craig, another of George Price's sisters, properly known as Alice Margaret Craig. The 98 year old died peacefully at home this morning.

Though not nearly as famous as "Ms. Jane", Meg Craig's contribution to Belize's culture as a collector of living history, and a naturalist, is certainly unmatched. She had a museum's worth of history in her home - and, in her passing, it is like we have lost not one library, but many.

She was a founding director of the Belize Audubon Society, and was also a member of the Cockscomb and Education Committees. A release from the PUP United Women's Group says "Miss Meg dedicated herself to Belize's environment, natural history and culture. Her work will also always be remembered as she greatly assisted the Belize Advisory Board to create the unique Belizean stamps. Miss Meg worked with her brother George and sister Jane in the movements towards Independence and in her early years was an active member of the People's United Party." End quote.

In closing, we will add that Ms. Meg lived in our neighborhood, and for many years, she was a resource we relied upon to compile stories and gather archival material. Trust us when we say that all the information on the internet has nothing to compare to the universe of knowledge about Belize that Ms. Meg had stored in her house. She was, surely, an edition of one; she will live on in collections she has donated to the Museum of Belize.

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