At 2.15pm this afternoon in courtroom No. 1 the Chief Justice of Belize, Kenneth A. Benjamin entered the packed courtroom which was standing room only, with many members of the PUP, the media and other concerned Belizeans.

After a 40 minute explanation of his decision, the Chief Justice gave his decision about the claim brought before the court by several PUP claimants, which was represented by senior counsel Eamon Courtenay. The Chief Justice granted the claimants request for an injunction to the ICJ Referendum that is scheduled for April 10th.

In his decision presentation the Chief Justice referenced several other cases, including territorial disputes and judicial rulings, including rulings in the European Union, Slovenia and the Caribbean Court Of Justice.

The main argument made by the claimants was that the Government was not empowered to enter into a Special Agreement in December, 2008. Although, during the presentation of his decision the Chief Justice declares the power of the Executive (ie: the government) to enter into referendum agreements.

What is alarmingly uncertain is that no other date was declared for the referendum to be held, or to indicate a timeline for the challenge to the governments executive power to be heard at a later date.

In the Courtroom and on the street outside the court the PUP supporters and attorneys were jubilant and shouted in approval when the statement granting the injunction was announced by the Chief Justice.

The uncertainty of what happens next is a sea of unknown possibilities or a Chasm to nowhere, and the legal tug-a-war seems to have just began.

Shortly after the news broke of the injunction, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that the war is far from ended. While he was quite clear in stating that he is extremely disappointed with the decision of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Barrow also pointed out that they are in the process of taking three measured steps to ensure that there will be a Referendum on April 10th.

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CJ Grants PUP Injunction Against April 10th Referendum
Tonight, the ICJ referendum is in limbo - and no one can say for sure whether it will or won't happen as scheduled on April 10th - which is next week Wednesday.  This is after an earth shattering decision this evening by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.  He granted the PUP an injunction restraining Government form going ahead with the referendum.  But, still, that doesn't mean it won't happen - and, at this hour, there are more questions than answers.   And we'll address all of it for you tonight, to try and get some clarity if you should get ready to vote "yes" or "no" next week.  

Counsel For GOB Says It's Only a Postponement
On the other side, lead Attorney for the Government, Lisa Shoman said the PUP has only successfully managed to get the referendum postponed, and nothing else as yet.  Speaking on the judge's ruling, she also asserted that the PUP had no success with their main legal arguments. Here's how she explained why: Lisa Shoman, SC - Attorney For GOB: "I'm a bit disappointed. Of course, I want first of all to emphasize that we succeeded on the first ground. That is the Chief Justice said that there is no serious issue to be tried..."

PM Says Lost A Battle, But Not the War, Pushes Forward to April 10th
And while the lawyers for both sides have a clinical perspective - and even the government attorney have sort of accepted a postponement of the referendum, not so for the Prime Minister!   This evening at an emergency press conference, hastily called after the earth shattering judgement, the Prime Minister said he was floored at hearing the judgement, but is determined to somehow still have it on April 10th.  Here's his plan:

Is Referendum Vote Without A Count Tenable?
So, as you heard the Prime Minister explain, now that the Government is restrained by the injunction, they are already making counter-maneuvers to possibly get around it and push on with the ICJ referendum next week, as planned. Here are attorneys for both sides speaking on that approach:  Lisa Shoman, SC - Attorney For GOB: "We are asking for 2 things at this point, applying to the court for a variation. And we've indicated that the variation would be, since nobody know's whether it's yes or no, let's go ahead with our referendum on April 10th, but the Chief Elections Officer wouldn't certify the results..."

Was The Writ Wrong?
And the PUP successfully argued to the Chief Justice that the Prime Minister didn't properly follow the law when he sent the Writ to the Governor General for a signature.  A technical defect in the writ of referendum was what ultimately convinced the Chief Justice to grant the injunction.  Today, the Prime Minister said he followed the advice of the Chief Elections Officer: Jules Vasquez: "Sir if you could speak on the alleged procedural effect that you brought the writ under - I'm not expert in it but what we heard in court, 2-1D - when it is being argued..."

High Court Hail Mary?: PM Thinks Judge Can Pull Thru With A Decision By Tuesday
So now, only the Chief Justice can determine if there will be a referendum on April 10th.  He's having a hearing on Monday April 8th, and if he gives a judgement by the 9th - and it favors the government - then the injunction will be lifted, and the referendum will go through.  That's a lot of if's - and today the Prime Minister said he has confidence in the CJ: Jules Vasquez: "Are you disappointed - we know you've been very outspoken about the performance of the bench but are you disappointed that the judge in the balance of interest would stop this huge locomotive which is called the ICJ referendum, which has been going down the mountain for so many years."

PUP PO'd With Lisa
Lisa Shoman will remain government's lead counsel in this case - which has earned her the ire of her party, the PUP.  Today, her former colleague in the Senate, who's now arguing across the table from her, says Shoman has made her decision: Eamon Courtenay, SC - Attorney for the Claimants: "It seems to me, very clear. She has made common cause with the UDP. She is now working with the UDP. She's now being paid by the UDP. She is for the UDP. There are consequences for your decisions and your actions. That's all I am going to say about Miss Shoman."

PM Will Stay The Course With Shoman As Lead Lawyer
But, despite the slings and arrows from her former colleagues, Shoman is undaunted, and with everything now moving full speed ahead to Monday's hearing, the Prime Minister says she will continue to lead the charge: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "If there is anybody else who can come in and get up to speed on the double - we would clearly look at that because this is of such an earth shattering importance that the more hands on deck, the better.."

PUP Leader Says Not Time to Gloat
And while the UDP Leader is firm about Shoman's leadership of the case, her party leader Briceño was vague about the implications for her.    But, he was more forthcoming about the favorable outcome of this injunction hearing. He said that he will not gloat: John Briceño - Leader of the Opposition: "Certainly, I don't think it is time to gloat. We're standing up for the Belizean people. But I want to make 3 basic points. 1 is about legality, certainty, and respect. Legality, we've been saying from the beginning that this whole process that the UDP has taken is illegal, Secondly, there must be certainty in what we are doing..."

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A “Strange” Request to Proceed with Referendum, Nonetheless
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PM Barrow Says He’s Extremely Disappointed with Injunction
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Worst Case Scenario – a Short-term Postponement of I.C.J. Referendum
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