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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Memory and Mathematics
“My field of study is gerontology, the science of aging,” Mark said. “We’ve been researching how memory deteriorates with age.” Mark, my Canadian friend, vacations in Belize at least once a year. We were having coffee on the deck of the Holiday Hotel while we caught up on old times. “I’m not sure I understand.” “Here’s an example,” Mark said. “We all learn the multiplication tables for mathematics. Old people forget them. Young people with fresher memories can answer math questions much better.”

The Dirty Martini – a cool place to chill with your favorite cocktail
Sometimes when you’re going out for a cocktail with friends, it’s fun to try someplace new and different. In San Pedro, there are dozens of great bars to choose from, and while there are the usual suspects, it’s the ones that may not be flying on your radar that can yield fantastic surprises. Located south of town at the Mahogany Bay Village, Dirty Martini is a cozy and inviting bar perfect for relaxing, socializing and maybe even watching some sports.

Doctor Love: Goody-Bye Dear Diary
Dear Doctor Love, When I was a young girl I was given my first diary. It had a lock and a little key and I hid it in my room so nobody could find it. I wrote my thoughts and dreams and deepest secrets in that book. I kept a diary until I left home for college and I still have those diaries hidden away in a box. That was long ago and now I have a teenage daughter of my own. Times have changed and diaries have evolved into social media. When I let her get her own social media page I warned her against posting very private matters because people besides her intended audience might be able to read them.

Misc Belizean Sources


"The day will come when we will recover our land, then the Maya will have to get together and fight. They will know that the date has arrived when they receive three signals ... The first will be of the pheasant, who will fly over the tallest trees and its shadow can be seen in all of Mayab ... The second signal will be brought by the deer, because it will cross this land in a single jump ... The third messenger will be the rattlesnake, which will produce music again and it will be heard everywhere. With these three signs, the animals will warn the Maya that it is time to recover the land that was taken from them. " Books of Chilam Balam (The sacred Books of the Yucatec Maya)

The Reporter

Police Seeking Hit-And-Run Driver
The first traffic-related fatality for the Easter weekend has been recorded near La Democracia at Mile 30 on the George Price Highway. Just before 8:00pm Hattieville Police were called out to Mile 30 where they found the body of a man identified as Andruse Choc, 39, resident of Valley of Peace. Choc was killed instantly, with massive head and body injuries when a vehicle hit him around 7:30pm.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man stabbed in Blackman Eddy, Cayo
Authorities are investigating a stabbing incident that occurred last night in Blackman Eddy, Cayo. Anthony Harris, 37, of Blackman Eddy reported to police that he was chasing Randy Robateau and when he caught up with him, a struggle ensued and Robateau stabbed him twice.

Man killed in fatal hit and run
Andruse Choc, 39, of Valley of Peace lost his life last night in a fatal hit and run accident. Choc was walking on the George Price highway when he was hit and killed by a vehicle.

Motorcycle accident claims another life
A man from Benque Viejo del Carmen lost his life last night in a tragic motorcycle accident. Around 9:30 p.m., he was driving his motorcycle coming from the Western border when he lost control and collided into a post.


My Easter Week in San Pedro, Belize
Easter – which is definitely a long weekend in the US – is a proper week in much of the world and most certainly Latin America. Semana Santa or Holy Week. Palm Sunday right thru to Holy Saturday. And here in Belize, though not a religious day, it continues right through to national holiday – a day of recovery – Easter Monday. Easter is Belize is a mix of religion, relaxation and hard core partying. Here are some of my snapshots of this week on Ambergris Caye. On the started with STRONG winds and a serious heat wave – and ended with a serious “cold front” moving through and a GLORIOUS Easter Saturday.

International Sourcesizz

Trip to help in Belize was life-changer for PSU students
Josh Berkey got an education by living a week in a tiny home with a thatched roof. “It was the most memorable moment of my life,’’ said Berkey, a student at Penn State Shenango who’s studying physical therapy. He, along with another 11 students and two campus administrators, spent a week in Belize last month during Penn State’s spring break. Located on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Central America, Belize has bid welcome in recent years to campus students and administrators who have helped the nation’s citizens.

What overwater bungalows are really doing to our waters
At first glance, it appears to be the dream holiday snap, but there’s something going on here that many travelers don’t know about. Overwater structures shade aquatic habitat and limit ambient light penetration, affecting macrophyte and phytoplankton primary production. This shading could result in a decreased survival rate, or at least promote behavioral changes in various components of the biological community. “Lighting associated with these structures may possibly alter fish species behavior, posing an increased risk of predation and causing disruption of fish migration patterns.


  • This slug which is known as suck-suck in Belize is taking a Easter walk in Hattieville today., 1min.

  • Belize Cave Tubing!, 26min.

  • Climing Xunantunich + Secret Beach, 21min. Come explore parts of the beautiful country of Belize!

  • Placencia, Zip lining, & Fishing, 28min.

  • Snorkling Belize, 3min. Silk Cayes

  • Belize Episode 2 - Mountain Pine Ridge, 4min. oday we visit Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. While there we visited 1,000 foot falls, enjoyed a picnic lunch and swam in the amazing Big Rock Falls.

  • Diving Belize, 10min. Video from one of my PADI open water certification dives off San Pedro, Belize, in 2019.

  • glesia Buenas Nuevas Los Tambos Belize, 6.5min.

  • Caye Caulker, The Great Blue Hole 2019, 8min. Belize has a LOT of absolutely gorgeous natural wonders, some of which that you'll get to see in our video. We spent our time in wonderful Caye Caulker (pronounced Key Cocker) and this place magical. The island slogan is "GO SLOW!" and not only do they live it, but they'll make sure you adjust to the local "speed" even when walking on their streets.

  • Caye Caulker Belize 2019, 7min. The Alexander Family takes a trip to Belize