Ministry of National Security Clarifies April 25, 2019 Incident at the Sarstoon

he Ministry of National Security clarifies that contrary to reports by Mr. Wil Maheia with regard to his attempted visit to the Sarstoon on April 25th, the Belize Defence Force/Belize Coast Guard Forward Operating Base (Sarstoon FOB) was in fact completely aware of the events that occurred.

The Sarstoon FOB reported that about 10:30 a.m. on April 25th, they observed a civilian vessel coming from the direction of Punta Gorda approaching the mouth of the Sarstoon and stopped about 1.5 km from the FOB. The patrol noticed that upon seeing the civilian vessel, the Guatemalan Armed Forces base deployed two Metal Shark vessels and a Columbian-type boat towards them. The BDF and BCG also deployed one of their Metal Shark boats towards the civilian vessel but noted that it had turned around and was heading back towards Punta Gorda.