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April Tenth Referendum Ballots Destroyed by Fire
Boxes containing one hundred and seventy-three thousand ballots went up in flames today during an organized exercise carried out by the Elections and Boundaries Department. The ballots were to have [...]

The Long Road to P.S.E. in Southern Belize
Even before dawn this morning, students started their trek to sit part-two of the P.S.E. in southern Belize. There was not even a horse to ride, much less a vehicle [...]

…Only So Much the Ministry of Education Can Do for Machakilha Students
The hardships and challenges faced by the children of Machakilha have triggered more questions for the Ministry of Education. Today, Minister of Education Patrick Faber says that while he acknowledges [...]

Case Management for G.O.B.’s I.C.J. Injunction Appeal
In the Court of Appeal today, government’s attorney, Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman and the Opposition’s lead lawyer, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay were back before the justices. They appeared for a [...]

Suspect in San Pedro Murder to Hand Himself into Police
News Five has been informed that on the advice of his attorney, an Asian businessman turned himself over to police for the San Pedro murder of Brandon Humes which occurred [...]

Emort Pineda Charged for Stabbing Murder in Steadfast Village
There were three murders between Wednesday night and Thursday morning of this week. The first occurred in the south, in the village of Steadfast, at mile sixteen on the Hummingbird [...]

Belize City Students Confident in P.S.E.
Earlier in the newscast, we showed students in southern Belize as they walked for miles to get to P.S.E. exam centres. In the city, the picture was very different – [...]

Political Machinery of the U.D.P. in Full Force to Push YES Vote
Belizeans go to the polls on May eighth to vote on whether or not the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute should be taken to the International Court of Justice for final [...]

Danny Mason to be Represented by Guyanese Attorney in Murder Trial
William “Danny” Mason returns to court on May fourteenth before Justice Antoinette Moore in the Belmopan Supreme Court.  When he goes back, he will be represented by Guyanese attorney Dexter [...]

Wasani Castro Fighting Disqualification from HSCCC
Cyclist Wasani Castro is challenging his disqualification from the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic.  He has retained the services of Attorney Hector Guerra, who has written to the President [...]

No Increase to Cost of Electricity
There will be no increase in the cost consumers pay for electricity for 2019-2020; that’s at least for now following a decision from the Public Utilities Commission. Back on April [...]

Additional Relief in the Pipeline for B.E.L. Customers
According to P.U.C. Chairman, John Avery, the projection is that B.E.L. may require two hundred and sixty-five million dollars to cover all its expenses for this tariff period, ending June [...]

Minister Faber Congratulates B.N.T.U. National President, Elena Smith
The Belize National Teacher’s Union held its forty-ninth national convention in late April. President Elena Smith was uncontested and remains at the head of the union for a second term. [...]

Education Minister Comments on Muffles College High School Controversy
Principal of Muffles College High School in Orange Walk Town, Maria Johnston has come under fire for allegedly bullying and humiliating one of her female teachers. As we have been [...]

Minister Faber: Bishop Martin High School Teachers, a Ticklish Situation
There have been issues facing teachers at the Bishop Martin High School for some time now. Today, Minister Patrick Faber provided his view. In April, the Board of Trustees at [...]

A $2.1 Million School Building at Maud Williams High School
A new school building was inaugurated today in Belize City.  The new classrooms at Maud Williams High School can now accommodate one hundred and eighty students and will make their [...]

CARAIFA Holds its Annual General Meeting in Belize
The Caribbean Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is an umbrella organization whose members are engaged in the sale of life insurance and financial services. CARAIFA rotates its annual general [...]

CARAIFA: Providing Support through Information Sharing on Best Practices
Following the AGM, there will be a series of workshops taking place as part of its five-year development plan to ensure continuity in the organization. Foundation and community service also [...]

Fire Destroys Wadani Shed in Dangriga
Firefighters battled an inferno in the wee hours of this morning. The well known Wadani Shed in Dangriga Town caught on fire and was destroyed. Police say that it happened [...]

Applications Available for Miss Scuba Belize 2019
Back in November of 2018, Belizean beauty Monique Lamb represented the Jewel for the first time in the Miss Scuba International Pageant held in Malaysia. The unique pageant seeks to [...]


Brazen GAF removed Belize flag from Sarstoon Island
Three years ago, the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) wanted to celebrate the signing of the April 30, 1859 Treaty between Great Britain and the Republic of Guatemala, but they were restrained from doing so by a Statutory Instrument that the Dean Barrow-led government passed into law. On Tuesday, April 30, another group of patriotic Belizeans, Belize People’s Front (BPF), led by Nancy Marin Juan, visited the Sarstoon River and were escorted around Sarstoon Island by Belize Defence Force (BDF) soldiers at the Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Judge finds Tevin Andrewin guilty of murder
Tevin Andrewin, 26, charged with the murder of Myrick Gladden, 28, who was gunned down about 12:20 a.m. on June 24, 2012, was found guilty of the charge today by Madam Justice Marilyn Williams in a trial that was without a jury. The chief witness for the Crown, Gladden’s common-law wife, Shainna Allen, testified that she and Gladden were walking on Administration Drive, aka “Complex” Street, when she heard three loud bangs that sounded like gunshots coming from behind her and she felt a burning sensation in her left calf which made her realize that she had been shot.

Belize City man murdered in room in San Pedro
A 19-year-old resident of Belize City, Brandon Humes, was found dead in a chair in an apartment located on the second flat of a building on Coconut Drive in San Pedro at about 9:00 this morning. Humes, an employee of CISCO Construction Company of Belize City, was found sitting on the chair with 9 gunshot wounds on his body. He was taken to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where he was declared dead on arrival. Police say that Humes had one gunshot wound in the left side of his head, one in his lower back, one in the left side of the ribcage, three in his upper left arm, one in his lower left arm, and two in the left side of the chest.

Volunteer soldier shot and killed in Lake I
Hamed Guzman, 23, a volunteer soldier of the Belize Defence Force, Belize City branch, was walking on Lopez Street in Lake Independence in Belize City with a friend at about 8:30 last night, when he was shot several times by an unknown person. Guzman was struck in his head and body and he died almost immediately in a nearby drain. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. ACP Joseph Myvett told us that Guzman had just left home with his friend and was going to borrow a bicycle when the unknown person approached and fired. He is not sure if Guzman was the intended target of the gunman because he was not alone and he was not known to police.

US officials detain and question UDP Senator Aldo Salazar
Senator Aldo Salazar, who represents the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) administration, traveled to Taiwan as part of an official delegation that was led by President of the Senate, Hon. Lee Mark Chan. In Taiwan, the three-member delegation, which also included Mike Singh, Chief Technology Officer for the Belize government, met with Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen. On the way back to Belize, traveling through Houston, Texas, over the weekend, however, the delegation experienced a substantial delay when agents of the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took Senator Salazar into a room and questioned him at length.

Government failed to consult the people of Belize before signing the Special Agreement
On Sunday, April 15, 2018, Guatemala held its referendum on whether to take its claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ),in conformity with the protocol of the Special Agreement signed between Belize and Guatemala at the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters in Washington, DC, on December 8, 2008. Next Wednesday, May 8, Belize will hold its ICJ referendum. There are vast differences between the Guatemalan ICJ referendum and the one in which Belizeans will vote next week. Prior to the Guatemalans holding their referendum, the Special Agreement went through all the necessary checks in their domestic system.

Belize National Cricket Team wins Central American Championship (CAC) 2019 in Mexico City
The Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA) wishes to inform the general public that the Belize National Team won the Central American Championships (CAC) 2019 tournament in Mexico City, April 25-28. Team Belize defeated Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica, and lost to Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) during the regular games. In the heated and exciting championship game, Team Belize defeated MCC. MCC batted 137 runs, and Team Belize scored 138 in the nineteenth over. The games against the Central American countries and the championship game were official T20Is matches. That means that the games are recognized by the International Council for Cricket (ICC), and the stats on them are available online.

Corozal Bay Sailing Club Regatta 2019
The Belize Sailing Association held its third Ranking Regatta of the year for the Optimist and Laser classes in Corozal over the weekend of April 27/28, hosted by the Corozal Bay Sailing Club (CBSC). The regatta was attended by competitors from Corozal, Ladyville, Caye Caulker and Gales Point. The event was a great success, with many accolades for good organization, great sportsmanship and wonderful sailing. Racing commenced on Saturday at 12:00 noon with a wind of 5-8 knots out of the east. During the course of the afternoon it rose and fell around this strength whilst varying in direction from northeast to southeast, providing opportunities for those keen-eyed sailors that could spot the shifts.

Buck-it delivers, and Caesar Ridge FC are Belize District 1st Division Champions
Though originally scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on Labor Day, the Belize District 2018-2019 1st Division Closing Season championship final between defending champion Barrack Road FC and Caesar Ridge FC did not get under way until around 3:30 p.m., the once traditional time for some epic football battles at the MCC in years past; and Belize City football fans were treated to an exciting contest that ended dramatically in overtime. Though the quality of play was not impressive, and the playing surface atrocious, with clouds of dust a regular occurrence, there were some individual displays of football skills from a few players that makes the prospect of a new Belize City semipro franchise seem feasible.

Rural North Football Labor Day scores from Lucky Strike
The Belize Rural North Football Tournament for the Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro Cup 2019 returned to action yesterday, Labor Day, May 1, in Lucky Strike Village with Week 2 games. In game 1, (Senior) Burrell Boomers lashed Sports Education FC, 11-0, with 3 goals each from David Solorzano, Marlon Gutierrez and Carlos Salazar, while Hubert Baptist and Hector Sandoval added 1 each. In game 2, (U-17) Survival Youths beat Kings College Strikers, 2-1, on goals by Keefer Perteau and Shamar Gillett, while for Kings College it was Jaheem Gillett.

Editorial: Prayers for Guidance
On the last weekend before May 8th, it is good for all of us to once again consider this important question before us, and pray for Guidance from the Most High that we make the right decision for our people and country. Yes, there are many things that have not been done right in the process, but as it appears as we write today, Thursday, May 3rd, there will be a referendum on Wednesday, May 8th. Those of us who have the franchise should exercise it. If you ask people to sit down and ruminate on what profession demands the most energy and is the most stressful, and is as important as any, it is a given that the medical profession would be named, hands down.

A matter of clarity
Dear Editor: I have heard the opinion expressed that Article 59 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties does not apply to the 1859 and 2008 Special Agreement treaties since the parties concluding these two treaties were different. Also some have questioned whether or not international treaties trump domestic laws. Kindly allow me to express my point of view on these matters. To begin please refer to Article 59 below written: Article 59 Termination or suspension of the operation of a treaty implied by conclusion of a later treaty:

Dear Editor: Belize has some of the best cruising grounds in the world and my wife, Christina, and I have been enjoying them for nearly half a century. We often anchor in the “lee” (protected side) of a cay for the night and continue our travels the next morning. On occasion, a storm has come up and dawn finds the schooner rolling from side to side with any loose item banging around. Though we are safe enough, it is very uncomfortable and those prone to sea sickness are ready to jump ship. Under these conditions, there is a strong temptation to brave the stormy winds and waves to get to a safe harbor, even if it means risking the boat and our lives.

Between a rock and a hard place, says Romel Cuello
Dear Editor, The Belizean people find ourselves between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” The PM is now forcing a referendum that he thinks is the best for Belize, but lots of us out here are not sure about this decision. The PUP is against going to the ICJ in a rush. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”? We are seeing two different kinds of leadership in our major political parties. PM Barrow has his party firmly behind him. How many willingly and how many unwillingly is the question. LOO Johnny Briceno is obeying his party, even though he had said yes to the ICJ before, because the majority of them are against going to the ICJ.

Bobby Lopez to Tamai
Our letter of April 2, 2019 sought assurance from your office that the right of voters to mark their ballot with their own pencils or pens would be upheld in the upcoming referendum. In our context and for clarity, the intended mark to be placed on ballots would be of the color black, placed within the designated space, with an accepted shape and clearly indicating the voter’s choice. Our intent in this pursuit is to counter possible election fraud in this upcoming referendum (without prejudice).

Muslims will begin the one month fast of Ramadan this year on Monday, May 6, 2019. The twenty nine or thirty days of fasting is one of the central tenets of the religion of Islam which is adhered to by over two billion people worldwide. The end of this years’ fast is expected to be on June 7 or 8, 2019. Ramadan is the ninth of 12 lunar months observed in Islam. It is a time of fasting and worship prescribed by Almighty God in the final revelation to Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him), known as the Holy Qur’an. In it God says: “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain God-consciousness.”

There are always other rivers to cross
I don’t think anyone is so naďve they believe that our troubles with Guatemala will be over once the ICJ rules against them. There are always other rivers to cross. It’s the way of life. Challenges are built into this thing, and they won’t go away until we go away, which we don’t want to do, so we, and challenges, both stay. Bah, sometimes you wish for the old challenge. Fish jump owt a frying pan, straight into belly. Okay, that’s six a one an half a dozen a di adda, so mek A try again. You wanted to get out of childhood so you could do the things adults do. Hmm, not a good one either, but we’ll agree my nose is on the right track.

Points to ponder before you vote
At this point in time, everything indicates that the referendum to decide Belize’s destiny will be held on the 8th of May as the Government has announced. With only a few days remaining, it is fair to say that the Government, with assistance from our disingenuous “friends” and their hired guns, has done everything in their power to blindly herd us to the ICJ’s chopping block. Even Guatemala has turned up the pressure by preventing the territorial volunteers from entering the Sarstoon. Yet despite all this, the most recent polls still indicate that an overwhelming majority of voters have decided to vote “No to the ICJ”. We also know that the ruling political party has committed all their considerable resources and well- financed election machinery to ensure a “Yes” vote.

ACP Magdaleno says six WPCs need to cut their locks
Six women police officers who after several warnings chose to violate the police dress code by wearing dreadlocks while in their uniform, have been placed on disciplinary charges and will be tried internally by a police court. If found guilty they will be fined and if they insist on wearing the dreadlocks hair style they will be encouraged to resign from the Police Department. The announcement was made today by ACP Dezerie Philips Magdaleno during the weekly police press brief held at the Raccoon Street Police Station. ACP Magdaleno said that the police department is a disciplined body that is governed by rules and regulations, and there are regulations governing the dress and appearance of police officers, one of which is that the wearing of dreadlocks is not allowed because the police cap cannot be set on the head properly.

Social Security’s miserly contribution to hernia sufferer
A Belize City mechanic who has been diagnosed with a hernia has been getting the run-around for over one year now. First it was the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, now it is the Belize Social Security Board. After making a number of trips to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Ronnie Castillo finally got to see a specialist, who told him he needed an operation for a hernia, but he said the folks at the KHMH told him that his situation is not serious enough and only if he is dying would the hospital perform the hernia operation on him.

Belizeans are being urged to verify their eligibility to vote in the upcoming referendum, after a mishap at the Elections and Boundaries Department almost cost someone his right to participate. Mr. Lennox Lamb, a constituent of Caribbean Shores, encountered an unexpected setback on Tuesday, April 30, when he went to pick up his voter’s ID card from the Elections and Boundaries office. Upon submitting his receipt and personal information he was informed that there was no ID for him, nor was he on the voters list. He was then further informed that under those circumstances, he would not be able to participate in the upcoming ICJ Referendum on May 8th.

Escaping prisoner shot; dies
Kevin Moore, a 19-year-old inmate of the Belize Central Prison, had scaled the perimeter fence at the prison in his bid for freedom when the prison guards in the lookout tower shot his two legs and thwarted his escape. Moore was immediately recaptured and taken to the medical facility of the prison for initial treatment, after which he was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) for further treatment because he was bleeding profusely from his wounds, but he died from excessive blood loss before doctors at the KHMH could save him.

The Reporter

Machakilha Students Did Not Have to Trek By Night This Time
Last month the Reporter shared the story of the five standard six students from Machakil Ha who had to get up in the dark of night and leave home by foot so that they could get a ride from the nearest village with transportation to their exams centre. Their return journey was no better because they have to walk back the over five miles to their village in rain that made the trail to their village mucky and dangerously slippery.

Disability? Who Says So?

American National Dies While Snorkeling
A retired American national from Wisconsin, USA who was on a family vacation on Ambergris Caye died on Sunday morning while snorkeling near the Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve north of the island. According to reports, a preliminary medical assessment by doctors indicate that Lora Brooks Peterson, 67, had a heart attack in the water.

Weekend News Alerts & News Bites
The Reporter has confirmed that a man was shot and robbed moments ago on the Cristo Rey road in the Cayo District. Police are investigating a sudden death in San Ignacio. Sources say that Police were called to a house in the Shawville area around 10:00am where they found the decomposed body of a man lying on the floor beside a bed.

Minister Says Referendum Should Not Be About Red or Blue
The ICJ Referendum is a mere five days away and the political parties are out trying to persuade voters to vote along the lines that their individual political parties have taken, touting the “what’s best for Belize” expression. But while that is the case, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber told the media today that the Referendum should not be about red or blue.

Punta Gorda Resident Killed in Mexico
The family of Punta Gorda native Hakeem Arzu, 27, are trying to find answers in an attempt to establish what led to his execution over the weekend of April 27 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. But those details are scarce and the family, and even Belizean authorities, do not have any information on who killed Arzu, or even what motivated someone to shoot him execution-style in his head and leave him to die on a dirt road between Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

ICJ Referendum To Be held Despite Controversy
The once delayed referendum on taking the Guatemalan territorial claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), will be held on Wednesday May 8, after the government flexed its majority to rush through a bill enabling them to do so. The Opposition, meanwhile, has moved to mobilize its supporters in anticipation of an election-type atmosphere on referendum day. The party also believes that its legal challenge could potentially overturn any vote in the nearing referendum.

Muffles Teacher Reinstated; Humiliated
The teacher who was sent home from Muffles College because someone leaked her nude pictures in December, was reinstated on Monday at the behest of the Ministry of Education after the Teaching Services Commission found her to have no fault for the leaked pictures. But the school, which had to be threatened with sanctions, has apparently not given up its quest to make the teacher’s life miserable.

Measles Threatens the Region
There has been an outbreak of Measles again in some Central American countries and because that could mean one infected person on a flight, bus or boat heading our way, the Ministry of Health is advising Belizeans to make use of the free vaccinations that are available at public health clinics and hospitals.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Girl, 15, missing in Orange Walk
The public is asked to be on the lookout for, Ashanti Cajun, 15. The student […]

“Muffles Administration needs to respect authorities decision,” says Patrick Faber
Minister of Education Patrick Faber, says that the administration at Muffles College needs to respect […]

Armed burglars impersonate police officers in Corozal
Authorities are investigating an armed burglary that occurred yesterday around 7:40 am in Sarteneja, Corozal. […]

Wadani shed in Dangriga completely destroyed by fire
Authorities are investigating an early morning fire that destroyed the Wadani shed in Dangriga. According […]

Patrick Faber respects PUP’s decision to hold anti-ICJ rallies
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber said today that the People’s United Party (PUP) is within […]

Belize’s health system ranks 69th globally
Belize’s health system has ranked 69th out of a total 190 according to the World […]

Maud Williams inaugurates new building
Today, the faculty, staff, and students of Maud Williams High School welcomed special guests from […]

Energy Auditing Management training to be held in Belize
The Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) in collaboration with the Belize Trade and Investment Development […]

Belize and Taiwan prepare for launching of post stamps to mark 30 years of friendship
On May 2, 2019, Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, Remus Li-Kuo Chen hosted Belize’s Minister of […]

Man, 24, charged with murder of Jose Alberto Requena
Today police formally arrested and charged, Emort Pineda, 24, with murder. His charge is in […]

Birders across Belize get ready to participate in Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s–Global Bid Day on May 4th, 2019
GBD is an extreme all day bird watching event! Since its launch in 2015 it has attracted thousands […]

Only 15,000 jaguars left: conservation experts call for greater collaboration
Conservation groups are calling on transnational cooperation to protect jaguars, as new population estimates say […]

Police taking “dreadlocks” issue to the Solicitor General
The Belize Police Department has decided to take the issue of the seven female officers […]

Danny Mason hires Guyanese attorney for murder trial
Guyanese attorney Dexter Todd, widely experienced in civil and criminal justice, has agreed to represent […]


Customers will not see an increase in electricity bill
After reviewing the 2018 Annual Review Proceeding for Belize Electricity Limited, the Public Utilities Commission, PUC, agreed to increase the mean electricity rate by four percent; however, customers can breathe a sigh of relief since they will not see an increase in their electricity bill. At a press conference, John Avery, the Chairman of PUC, …

BEL experiencing a shortfall in revenue
Belize Electricity Limited, BEL, says that it is experiencing a shortfall in revenue; however, it is not requesting an increase, instead the company intends to recover the shortfall over a three-year period in order to avoid passing on any increase to customers. John Avery, the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, said that BEL …

His Excellency Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen at UB
The University of Belize (UB) held another session of its Presidential Lecture Series this morning at the main campus in Belmopan. Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, UB’s President invited the Ambassador of the Republic of China-Taiwan to be the keynote speaker. His Excellency Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen spoke at length about the friendship between the two …

The burning of the Postponed April Tenth Referendum Ballots
Over one hundred and fifty thousand ballots that were earmarked to be used for the referendum that never was on Wednesday, April 10, were destroyed this afternoon at a location on the George Price Highway, Cayo District. The destruction was due to the reference to the Referendum Act that was printed on each ballot. Chief …


Awestruck by Caracol Maya site’s Majesty
Belize’s largest Maya site – Caracol, was home to 200,000 Mayas, housed in around 35,000 buildings. What was once a bustling city is eerily quiet when we arrived. The only sounds are those of leaves rusting in the breeze, interspersed by an occasional roar from howler monkeys calling to each other high above the treetops. When we make our way past the entrance, darkened by the thick trees, it’s to emerge near a few tall structures. The sight of trees and their roots intertwined with the stone edifices is a testament to the amount of time Caracol lay undiscovered and untouched. In fact, despite having been discovered in 1938 by Rosa Mai, a logger seeking mahogany in the Chiquibul Forest, actual mapping didn’t take place until between 1951 and 1953.

Running Around on a HOT Afternoon
Yesterday was HOT and breezy and I stopped at two different spots to take some photos for this bigger project I’m working on. TBA. Here are some snapshots of D&G Art and Jewelry located a few blocks from the High School and Mata Chica Resort, 5 miles north of town and ridiculously beautiful. If you want to hear about the first SCUBA divers on the island – or the first person to carve corals – or darts tournaments – or about the fishing industry on Ambergris Caye or…TONS of San Pedro lore, Mr. Dimas has the SCOOP. Did you know that Dimas is a biblical name? I did not. One of the bandits that was crucified with Christ – a Robin Hood type bandit.

My Two Strange and Two Healthy San Ignacio Belize Souvenirs
When I was traveling in San Ignacio recently, (twice) with my (then) temporary Canadian roommate Heather, I decided on some unique souvenirs. Aside from outside the box I also like practical. My first San Ignacio souvenir I found randomly while I was on my way to the computer store GS-com near our vacation rental apartment. When I rounded the corner, I got stopped in my tracks by The Finishing Touch tile store. As soon as I saw their outside display, I just knew that this was my lucky day to find sheets of individual square multi-tiles I had been looking for. I was right. After pouring over all the color samples trying to decide, the shop made it easy. They brought out two big paper backed squares, one green tile, and one blue. Those were my choices if I was not buying a case. I took both. They were about $16.00 a sheet. Much better priced than the $100 (132 squares per sheet) pool grade ones I found on Ambergris Caye.

International Sourcesizz

AMIGOS' Spring Trip To Belize Provided Unique Clinic Experiences
This past spring break, a group of 13 AMIGOS traveled back to Belize to visit the communities of Corozal and San Narciso to provide eye care for those under-served areas. During our four clinic days, we saw 470 patients, spanning from 3- to 80-year-olds, non-verbal children, diabetics, motor-vehicle accident patients and many more. We handed out 600 sunglasses to patients, and almost everyone left with a pair of glasses for full-time wear or just near work. There was one patient who even brought her needle and thread along because she wanted to make sure she'd be able to thread her needle with the new glasses she was given. A non-verbal boy actually lifted up his head and was looking around after receiving a pair of -6D glasses and was able to see for the first time!


  • Launching EcoTourism Belize's new website!, 15min.

  • Special Agreement - Diaspora Bill, 36min. Richard "Dickie" Bradley - Attorney At Law

  • Educators on ICJ Referendum - Cramming & Educating in schools, 35min.

  • Youth panel first time voters - Campaign pitches, 28min.

  • Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty - Yes vote to take the claim to the ICJ Referendum, 44min. Assad Shoman, of Citizens for the Defence of Sovereignty, gives last campaign pitch for a Yes vote to take the claim to the ICJ Referendum.

  • The Enemy Within; Selective Governance Practices Belize’s Greatest Security Threat, 29min. The Guatemalan claim is said to be one of the greatest threat to Belize's national security. Paco Smith recently shared his research on why this may not be accurate. He presented at the Belize Research Symposium his paper entitled: The Enemy Within; Selective Governance Practices Belize’s Greatest Security Threat. He spoke with us about his findings and how some of these were evident in the signing of the Special Agreement and the ICJ Referendum process.

  • Art form to talk about the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute and the ICJ Referendum, 34min. Art is an important part of national identity and expression. It is even more important when various art forms are used to provide social commentary and to contribute to national conversations. We spoke with two artist who shared how they are using their art form to talk about the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute and the ICJ Referendum. Alex Sanker - Painter, Positive Vibes - Musician.

  • Burning Referendum Ballots, .5min. Elections and Boundaries Department destroying ballots that were printed for April 10th reffendum. Approximately 175 thousand ballots are being destroyed at a burn site in the Cayo district today. New reffendum date set for Wednesday May 8th.

  • Visiting The Alan Baker British\Belize Stamp Collection, 5min. inside Corozal House of Culture.

  • Another great parade in Belize, 14min. Fun, cool, awesome.

  • Xunantunich- Howler Monkeys, 1min.


  • Sailing From Isla Mujeres to Belize City, 8min. 289 miles, 4 nights, 86 hours of non stop sailing with a great 3 person crew on the Avenir.

  • 8 Days in Belize, 24min. Our travel story for a week long trip through Belize. Starting out in the jungles of the Cayo District and ending on the Ambergris Caye of San Pedro. Tag along with us as we explore this beautiful country full of wildlife, Mayan ruins, caves, islands, and barrier reef. We stayed in San Ignacio, and San Pedro. We also crossed the border to Guatemala to check out Tikal National Park.

  • Cotton Tree Lodge - Punta Gorda, Belize, 3min. Arriving at Cotton Tree Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize and walking through the grounds

  • Game 2, NEBL 2019 | Hurricanes vs Verdes | Live at The Belize Civic Center, 2hr.