Even before dawn this morning, students started their trek to sit part-two of the P.S.E. in southern Belize. There was not even a horse to ride, much less a vehicle to travel in. It was by foot that the primary school students from Machakilha set out to the P.S.E. centre in Corazon, another remote area of the Toledo District. Despite the challenges that they meet along the dark pathways, often times without a proper breakfast, they are determined to get an education to better themselves and help their families. This morning, the weather held so their journey lasted about two hours before they could get to the exam centre. It will take them just as long to get back home. In the following story, News Five’s Isani Cayetano and cameraman Kenroy Michael took the long journey with the young children. Here’s an inspiring story about endurance in the face of insurmountable odds.