Sapote Lagoon outside San Narciso Village is known for good swimming and fishing waters, but, go there today and all you'll find is parched land. That's right. It has completely dried up - all the birds, fish and even the crocodiles are gone!

The cause is most likely a drought - but today the village chairman told us that int hasn't happened for decades:..

Elvis Correa, Chairman - San Narciso
"We have persons that use to go and catch fish and sell it to the villagers and mostly all around the villagers and other villages come here for fishing. It's the first time that I see the lagoon get dry, because I have been there and I haven't seen a drop of water in the lagoon. I heard that in the 50's it got dry. Thats 50 years ago. I heard persons saying that the lagoon got dry around that time same as right now."

"I think its natural. We have a lot of heavy sun right now. I have been in Chetumal and there are places that are getting dry too. First time in my life I see a lot of lakes that are getting dry. I think it's the weather. When I was a kid we use to go and swim. Right now with this internet and the phones - I see the kids are not going there to swim much."

The Guardian Newspaper spoke to area resident Severio Marin, who holds degrees in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Science. He said such a drought has not occurred since 1974-75. Marin told the Guardian that those dates coincides with records at the Met Office who recorded the most severe droughts in that period.

Hydrologist, Rudolph Williams says that the drought is likely a hydrological drought where aquifers that feed the lagoon are at low levels.

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