A large pile of garbage burns out of control at the Garbage Transfer Station south of San Pedro town Friday night. Firemen were on site battling the large flames.

A little size reference for the amount of garbage that was burning in San Pedro. First picture taken 12 days ago. Second picture taken tonight. Burning garbage big or small has huge environmental and human health risks. If the government is pushing for individual citizens to stop burning practices they should abide by the same rules.

Megan Shaw

Well this was inevitable... 12 days ago Megan Shaw visited the transfer station and saw a small burn pile and was told that Belize Solid Waste Management Authority had authorized the burning of trash on site because it was too expensive to barge it off the island. She shared this information with town council and she emailed BSWaMA authority questioning it and never heard back from either. We hope it gets under control soon and that all people involved are safe but this should never have happened in the first place... Karen Brodie

It was to big and expensive to truck off the island. The majority of it was from that long stretch on Marina drive when it makes the corner leading to transfer station. Everyone is doing a great job os watching there disposal of waste and I wanna thank you very much. Now we have to find a way to send it to proper places to manage and get rid of. Yes some of the ways are not the best, but there is truly effort happening that was not here two years ago. Have a little more patience we are winning this thing... Mayan Man