A team of medical students from the Outreach Department of the Student Government Association of Washington University of Health and Science along the Public Health Inspector and Medical Officers with will be conducting active fever surveillance in several areas in San Pedro. The objective is detecting any possible fever cases by taking temperatures using the mercury thermometer. These areas are:

- Seagrape Drive
- San Pedrito
- Mar de Tumbo
- San Marcos
- San Pablo
- Escalante

Person found with fever will be asked to do a TBF (Thick Blood Film). Persons found with fever and other signs and symptoms will be referred to the nearest health facility. So there will be about 40 - 50 students in their scrubs walking around in these areas. They will have the Public Health Inspector, Lab Technicians and Medical Officers from the Polyclinic.

For question, please contact Dr. Javier Canul at 605-2433!