It's a quiet seaside retirement community most for expats - but the coastal community of Consejo village in the Corozal District has been targeted multiple times by roving criminals. And it happened again on Wednesday night when there was a home invasion at the home of an American couple.

52 year olds Rodney and Wanda Brean were targeted by four burglars who stormed into their house while the couple was watching television in their living room. Rodney Brean was stabbed and the couple was tied up as the men ransacked the house. They left without causing major injury, but took a number of valued at $17,000.

Neighbors say that the Breans recently bought the house and moved to the community.

Notably, the house, #681, was the scene of another criminal investigation back in October 2018. The house was previously occupied by American nationals Robley Rigdon and his wife, Claire Rigdon. On October 13th, Robley Rigdon reported to the Police that he woke up to find his wife floating dead in their pool.

The Police investigated the incident, with the support of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Rigdon was questioned but released and he has returned to the United States.

According to CTV-3, Wednesday's attack on the new home-owners has raised alarm for the Consejo neighbourhood watch community.