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The road from Corozal to Sarteneja and the two bridges are long overdue. Sarteneja, for so long, has been one of the most distant and forgotten villages in northern Belize. Our Government's announcement today shows a bit of hope that this project may finally happen. We hold on to our hopes. This project will certainly attract much needed investment and business to this area. The coastline between Corozal Town and Sarteneja is about 27 miles and the majority of it is still in its natural state. However, the rule of thumb I have heard in the past, and this may have changed a bit over the years, was that the cost to build and pave a road was Bz$1 million dollars per mile. The distance between Corozal Town and Sarteneja Village is approximately 27.5 miles. How much can two bridges with a span of 200 feet each cost, say $5 million each? So BZ$100 million loan to build a road and two bridges seems a bit excessive, if the intention of the loan is just for the road and two bridges. Of course, there will be other cost variables and factors to consider, but at this point, we don't have those specifics, but my basic numbers are still much less than the total amount of the loan, unless there will be other projects tied into the loan that we are not aware of. What are the costs of the other line items, if any, involved? I am not against the project. I just want to ensure that there is proper accountability and transparency. BZ$100 million is a lot of money to pay back to Taiwan. What will be the interest rate?

by Lincoln Eiley