2019 September Celebrations Officially Underway

The official launch of the 2019 September Celebrations was held over the weekend in Punta Gorda where chair of the National September Celebrations Commission, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber opened the month-long series of activities.  Celebrated under the theme, “From Maya grandeur to modern glory, together let us shape the Belizean story”, this year’s winning motif was submitted by Eloy Escalante from the Orange Walk District.  Here’s an excerpt from Minister Faber’s keynote address.

Patrick Faber, Chair, National September Celebrations Commission

“At this opening this opening of our September Celebrations, it is our intention each year to celebrate our heritage and cultural diversity.  It is a time where we call to mind the tremendous efforts of our people‘s past and present who have striven to build Belize into a nation that we can be proud of.  Their efforts for nation building are geared towards inscribing an appreciation and love for our cultural and historical heritage and imprinting these characteristics into our collective psyche.  It is no wonder that this year‘s theme seems fitting for the occasion, the winning theme submitted by Mr. Eloy Escalante from Orange Walk says “From Maya grandeur to modern glory, together let us shape the Belizean story.”  This is indeed a narrative that encapsulates Belize‘s history in all its faucets and embraces our indigenous roots.  It forces us to embrace all our history and our Maya people who have been here for two thousand years now.”

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