After 17 fabulous days in BZE, I guess I finally have to face the fact I'm back. Stayed at Ruby's (5 days in Placencia--posted on other), they finally kicked me out cuz they said I was getting as dark as a local. Miss the chicken fry jacks at Ruby's for breakfast--yum! Best hang-over cure: meat pies and watermelon juice from Celi's deli--yum!! Also Papi's has done some remodeling inside and made room for more tables (which were all full once I sat down at one), looks nice and the food & Papi are still great! Also for divers/snorkelers, the new Offshore Express II boat is up and operating on overnight trips to the Blue Hole. The boat turned out really nice, much roomier (the galley is so big Norma got lost in it on the 1st trip!). And Capt. Clive has a new supply of music for the trip! Also got to meet Harriet (scubalady) while at breakfast at Lily's one morning (breakfast burritos!) and Albert while drinking at the Pier one afternoon, so at least I got to meet 2 of the regulars! It was hot and sunny and no bugs! Can't wait for the next trip!