And on the topic of coral reef health, the Fragments of Hope has been working in several sites for many more years to re-seed devastated reef with resilient and diverse corals farmed in man-made nurseries. Their work has helped to prevent the loss of valuable marine ecosystems and is recognized as one of the region’s most successful reef restoration project with over sixty thousand coral fragments planted. Lisa Carne of Fragments of Hope gave us an update on their coral restoration efforts.

Lisa Carne, Founder & Executive Director, Fragments of Hope

“We started at Laughing Bird Caye National Park so we have been there for over a decade and we expanded to over ten different sites in over four different MPAs. We also began at South Water Caye Marine Reserve and Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve, Gladden Split and Silk Caye Marine Reserves. That is going really well. Those corals are the main reef building or branching corals. These are very fast growing and branching main reef building. They grow in the shallow areas which provide the shoreline protection. The only good news in this whole story are that these corals are unaffected by this new disease. Just to clarify, the main corals that we have been working in out planting for over ten years now these corals luckily do not get this disease. So I think that will be another conclusion that will decide restoration as usual will continue with the coral that are unaffected by the disease. We will send our thoughts on what to do with the corals that we are worried about.”

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