Tecuani and the Duende will PREMIERE on 25th October at the Bliss Institute of Creative Arts - NICH
Tickets on sale now at the Bliss.
$40 lower level and $20 upper level

Nicole Craig sings the official theme song for Belize's first animated movie 'Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar'

Much of it was shot in Cayo, and some at Monkey Falls. Great song.

They are having a 'Fantastic Freaky Fundraiser at Belize Botanic Gardens' on Friday, November 1st. They'll have 2 screenings, and fun for the entire family.

Song: Raise My Voice
Written by Nicole Craig
Performed by Nicole Craig and Ashleigh Craig
Music video filmed and Produced by David Vansen (Theodore Spain)- Red Roll Films
Directed and Choreographed by Marlyn Vansen
Executive producer and location manager, Lee Mcloughlin
Aerial photography, Jane Salazar Mcloughlin
Animation by David Daniel Smith (InAwe Films)"

Tecuani and the Duende Official Teaser Trailer

A young girl, Tecuani, is unaware of the adventure she is about to embark on as she chases a purple lizard into a forest cave. Her journey begins with an encounter with the fearsome Tata Duende, a legendary guardian of the forest with missing thumbs and backwards feet. The Duende awakens young Tecuani to an epic story that has been forgotten for a thousand years. Will brave Hunahpu’s efforts to secure another chance for humanity be for nothing? Can Tecuani fulfil her destiny and find the ‘voice of the jaguar’ to awaken her people?

The making of Tecuani and the Duende

We want to share the whole process of animation and bringing Belize's first animated movie to life. Check out how the characters are rigged, and meet Tata Duende (in his many forms) and Tecuani

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