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San Pedro Chapter Justices of the Peace discusses the JP Act

An informative session to discuss the Justice of Peace Act was held on Wednesday, October 9th, at the San Pedro High School. Organized by the San Pedro Chapter of the Justices of the Peace (JP), the meeting aimed to get members of the local JP chapter more familiar with the Act and touched on specific areas regarding how a person can become a JP. The gathering explored the different processes of how a person can become part of this influential group in the community.

Chapter President Pastor Clive Welsh introduced Dr. Abigail McKay, who led the presentation. McKay, a consultant, explained the different steps on how to become a JP. According to her, there is provision within the Village Council Act that allows a person to become a JP. “There is also the aspect through the JP Association and an application process which is wide open,” said McKay. She said that the application process is the most popular one compared to the other two ways of entering the club. McKay said that every JP is part of the Attorney General Ministry, which is the government body that ultimately approves the applications.

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