All week long, we've been reporting on the political jostling in the UDP. And that's because today was the deadline for interested persons to submit their applications for executive posts at the February 2020 convention.
For Party Leader, as expected, there are only two names:

Patrick Faber
John Saldivar.

For FIRST DEPUTY LEADER, as we have reported, two representatives are vying for the post, they are Hugo Patt and Tracy Panton. Pott is now being advertised as part of Team Saldivar.

For second deputy, Patrick Faber's close ally Manuel Heredia, will go up against Beverly Williams - who supports Saldivar.

For NATIONAL CHAIRMAN, there are three persons who have submitted their names - two of them are senators: Michael Peyrefitte, John Castillo And Dr. Carla Barnett

And for VICE CHAIRPERSON, there's the current chairman Alberto August, and well as Dangriga's Clifford Peters, and Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle.

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