Swing Bridge Pedestrian Crossing Still Closed

"Danger Hole!" That's the sign that's been greeting pedestrians at the western walkway on the Swing Bridge since August. Those coming up that side of the bridge then have to a bob and weave through moving traffic to get across to the other walkway which is opened.

In August the Belize City Council said the bridge was in bad shape - and then we saw the city manager's father, Bill Lindo fixing it. He told us he didn't have the contract - but was qualified for the job, which, he claimed was costing less than $20,000 dollars. Well, we're sure that number has been exceeded, and when we called Lindo for an update today he declined comment and directed us to the City Council who he said would be sending a press release.

We tried to get that release from the City Council's public relations this evening and were told that the Mayor will address this issue in an interview on Monday. We'll wait and see.

Channel 7