Apparently we are one of the two or three people Carlos is talking about. There are many references in this statement that are untrue and would like them to be known.
1. When we signed the papers stating we would have no problem with the dredging, we were told it would be for three months and the sand was going to the town.(the time frame was however left out of the document, as we took them for their word) Not smart on our part as we later found out.
2. I don't know who got free sand, because I have cashed checks to prove we paid $12,000.00 U.S. to fill our property.
3, We also paid over $20,000,00 U.S. for a road to be built on our property (that has been used by this company since it was built)
4. Our neighbors pier was hit by the barge and there are pictures to prove it.
5. It wasn't a few months later we wanted them to move the dredge, it was after a year, then two and then three.
6. The road was originally put in and paid for by ourselves and residents living there, aprox. 17 years ago. (from Hol Chan Resort to 4.7 miles South) These big trucks are the one's ruining the road and should be fixed by their company).

We had no problem with the dredge being there for three months. As I told Mr. Heredia, when he visited the site (prior to the pumper being brought in) we knew the Town needed the sand and were happy they were getting it.