We first had a verbal agreement to dredge for 3 months so the Town could get sand. A week later they brought over a consent form to sign, it said we had no objections to them dredging next to us. The start and end date were somehow left out as well as not mentioning they were bringing in a booster pump. I really don't know if that was a neighborly oversight or ? Since we thought the sand was for the Town (not personal projects) we signed. Had all this sand (thousands of truckloads) gone to the Town, there wouldn't be a pothole left on the entire island.

I do have copies of cashed checks for $12,000,00 U.S. for sand fill, they said they gave to us free. ( I will bring these for Carlos and anyone else to see) Apparently the partners don't talk to each other.

We have pictures of the barge hitting the pier and also have pictures of the dredge anchored to the pier. If you go down to our property, you can see where they have dredged 10' from shore and 10' deep. (that's sure closer than the 40' they stated) We have documentation and pictures of everything.

I realize we're not there year round, however the 5 months we're there, we would really like to enjoy our home. (like we had the 19 years prior to the dredge) With both the dredge and booster pumper going, you can't hear each other talk in the house (with the windows closed) Its non stop everyday from 8 until 5. We agreed to have this for 3 months not 3 years. Our neighbor lives there full time and has had to put up with this continuous noise for the 3 years.

Just because we don't live there year round doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy our place as you and others do.

The permit ends on Dec.31, 2019 for that dredge site. Hopefully this is the end to the story and we all move on.


Hopefully your endeavor with them works out great.