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The San Pedro Sun

BEL officially inaugurates new office in San Pedro Town
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) officially inaugurated its new office building on Pescador Drive in San Pedro Town, on Friday, November 15th. BEL employees, island authorities, loyal customers, and the media witnessed the inaugural ceremony. Constructed at the cost of $700, 0000, the structure symbolizes BEL’s commitment to providing the best quality of service to its customers.

Ambergris Today

Belize & Taiwan Sign Project Agreement For The Strengthening Of Medical Imaging Services In Belize
On Monday, November 18, 2019, the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) signed a project agreement to improve the Medical Imaging Services in Belize. The project beneficiaries are two regional public hospitals and the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The project will increase accessibility to quality and safe imaging services as a means towards achieving universal access to health.

Ministry Of Tourism Hosts Mundo Maya European Press Trip
On November 15th and 16th, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation hosted European press in efforts to promote the community tourism trail called Holpatin, being developed by the Ministry in the Orange Walk District. The team, which included journalists from Agencia EFE, Nattule, and Periodista Digital are visiting all five countries of the Mundo Maya region as part of a tour organized by the Mundo Maya Organization to promote the community projects that were part of the Regional Maya Community-based Tourism Program.

Don't Hang On To Mistakes Of The Past
- by Seleni Perez - Your mistakes do not define you. (Psalms 37:24). We have all had rough rides in the road of life and along the way we have had bumps and wrong turns. It’s true sometimes we may not be the wisest, and several times we have made regrettable decisions that up to this day may haunt us. But let’s not be hard on ourselves by dragging our past wherever we go, but rather take these as valuable life lessons. Many times our past mistakes are a baggage we carry around and never want to let go, as if we create an attachment to it to create self-punishment. Don’t do that!

Various Belizean Sources


Belize opens the U-18 Central American Female Volleyball Championship with a 3-1 (26-24, 25-22, 15-25, 25-19) win over Honduras, the previous champion.

CCBTIA Annual General Meeting
The Caye Caulker Belize Tourism Industry Association (CCBTIA) is holding its Annual General Meeting this Friday, November 22, 2019. Venue: Island Magic Conference Room Time: 6:30 - 9:30 Our Guest Speaker is Ms. Anne Marie Thompson - Labour Commissioner

Successful candidates of the Pharmacy Licensure Examination
The Pharmacy Unit conducted a small certification ceremony this afternoon for the 16 successful candidates of the Pharmacy Licensure Examination of September 2019. The Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero who is also the Chair of the Board of Examiners congratulated the successful candidates encouraging them to contribute and participate in the health discussions and as well to do their part ensuring that patients have a better health experience with their pharmacist.

Belizean Joyce Dawson Missing in Cancun
Help us find Belizean Joyce Dawson who went missing in Cancun, Mexico. She was last seen October 26th in Cancun. Contact your local police station for any info.

EntreCon 2019
On 20 November 2015, BELTRAIDE’s Small Business Development Centre, Belize (SBDCBelize) launched its National Entrepreneurship Strategy at its First Annual National Entrepreneurship Conference (EntreCon). EntreCon is now an annual event and this year we are celebrating out 5th annual conference designed to create a platform for bringing together key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the purpose of: • sharing ideas, • creating awareness of existing and new business and investment opportunities, • promoting innovation; and • building an entrepreneurship culture. Early bird registration for EntreCon 2019 ends on November 26th 2019, as a key partner we invite you to sign up and take advantage of the early bird registration fee of $50 , registration is to be done via

Job opportunity - Belize Sugar Industries Limited
Belize Sugar Industries Limited invites qualified and self-motivated individuals to submit applications for the position of Boiler Operator at Tower Hill, Orange Walk. The Boiler Operator monitors and operates systems and equipment in the Power Plant in accordance with standard operating procedures. This position will operate, inspect, maintain and troubleshoot all generation plant steam and combustion turbines, generating and auxiliary equipment, fuel storage and ash handling facilities.

Corozal Week 10 Football Schedule
Support our local Football Teams. Week 10 Schedule, It all happens at the Carolina Football Field, Sunday, November 24, 2019 starting at 9:00 a.m.

German Tour Operators and Journalist Familiarization Tour
BTB photos...

Ya’axché’s Community Outreach and Livelihoods program
We invite communities to Ya’axché’s Community Forum to learn about our Community Outreach and Livelihoods program. The program focuses on improving the current agricultural practices, the economic situation of communities and the way they utilize land. Program director Gustavo Requena, Community Liaison Manager Julio Chub and Agroecology Extension Coordinator Elmer Burgos will also share information on integrated farming, beekeeping and community cacao concession. Join us at 9:00 am on Friday, 22nd of November 2019 at San Pedro Columbia Nazarene Education Centre for this session. The day event starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:00 pm.

Long ago, but a long time ago, Itzamná created the universe and the world. Then Itzamna decided to create a land that was so beautiful that everyone who knew it would want to live there, in love with its beauty. Then he created El Mayab, the land of the elect, and planted in it the most beautiful flowers that adorned the roads, created huge cenotes whose crystalline waters reflected the light of the sun and also deep caverns full of mystery. Later, Itzamná gave the new land to the Maya and chose three animals to live forever in El Mayab and whoever thought of them would remember it immediately. Those chosen by Itzamná were the pheasant, the deer and the rattlesnake. The Maya lived happily and were in charge of building palaces and stone cities. Meanwhile, the animals chosen by Itzamná never tired of touring the Mayab.

Channel 7

Barrow Admin's 100 Million dollar "Oops!"ť
The Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition are currently in the Supreme Court due to a lawsuit that the PUP has brought against the Barrow Administration. John Briceño as leader of the PUP, and Julius Espat at the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee are the claimants in this case, and they assert the Prime Minister as the Minister of Finance of spent approximately 1.3 billion dollars in public monies without first seeking parliamentary approval. They say that this is bad governance, and poor accountability for public spending and they're trying to convince Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin of their position. They are being represented in the claim by the Senior Counsels, Eamon Courtenay and Andrew Marshalleck. And the Government has made an interesting move; they've retained the services of Justin Lockhart Simon, a Queens Counsel from the Caribbean. He had to be called to Bar in Belize in order to represent the Government in this case today.

Another Wagner Murdered
Monday night was the eve of Garifuna Settlement day but while the seaside town of Dangriga should only have been echoing with the beating of drums and voices raised in song, instead, they heard gunshots, as a bullet found its target 20 year old Jahvis Wagner - who died on the spot in the Harlem area of Dangriga Town. It's more than just another sad murder; it's now a web of familial violence: his stepfather Edwin Felix Nasario was killed in the parking lot of the Southern Regional Hospital in July.

COMPOL Calms Griga
But while police seek the public's help with this murder, there are reports of another mounting feud building in Dangriga among young men and teenage boys. Commissioner of Police Williams today assured the residents that police will maintain a strong presence in the town during the next two weeks, to contain retaliation and squash any existing beef. "We as a department, our primary function is the protection of life and property. I know that yes at times it is difficult due to the lack of information coming to us. But whenever we do have information about anything that is about to occur, we normally act on those information..."

OW Driver Charged For Cyclist's Death
The truck driver who accidentally crushed a cyclist beneath the wheels of his 10 wheeler went to court today. 31 year old Cyril Valencio, from Orange Walk Town, who knocked down and killed Rudolph Arnold on Monday afternoon, was charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and drove motor vehicle without due care and attention when he appeared today before Magistrate Khadeem Palmer.

Youths In the House!
There was a very special sitting of The House today in Belmopan. It was the Children's parliament. High school and primary school students from all over the country took over the National Assembly and assumed the roles of all the representatives in their respective areas. It is part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of Child.

What Next For Youth Parliament?
After the almost 3 hour long session with the child parliamentarians, we also spoke to two of the organizing committee members about the purpose of the initiative, the outcome, and possible future child-centered events. Sharon Young, Organization Committee Member: "Today was one of the main activities in the calendar of activities in celebration of the 30th year anniversary of Belize signing on to the UN declaration on children's rights and today's parliament was really the combination of two training sessions held over the last 2 months with all of the children that you observed here today and what we wanted to get from them was their perspective on the issues that are affecting our Belizean children..."

Hons. Cordel and Carla, Lessons Learned
We also spoke to PUP deputy party leader Cordel Hyde who applauded the kids on their presentation and behavior in the house. Hon. Cordel Hyde, PUP Lake I: "I am glad I came. They put us to shame. They have well researched, well prepared, better behaved, rather articulate and really in touch with the issues. I think it's a wake us call for us as parliamentarians that we really need to listen to these kids, because we are legislating for them, we are providing for them, but we don't ever speak to them and so they have this kind of thing maybe once every quarter or twice a year because it is important that parliamentarians are the ones who are providing the resources, understand and appreciate what the children need and what the children want and see. So I am glad I came."

Youth Reps React
We also got feedback from the youth representatives - who were Prime Minister and Opposition Leader for a few hours. We asked them what it was like to be King and Queen for a day:

Police Will Get Transport Relief
If you travel the highways at odd hours - you'll see police on the roadside trying to catch a ride home. It's not a good look for law men and women to be begging for rides - plus it's unsafe for them to hitchhike. And that is why it was certainly with some relief that Commissioner Chester Williams today called the press to say he's coming through on a long held promise: he's getting two busses to transport the the police - with a quarter million dollar hands up from the Taiwanese. He told us about the new Coaster buses that he got after months of lobbying the Taiwanese and visiting the island nation himself:

Babylon and Big Brother Introduce Surveillance State AKA "Safe Cities"ť
And while police will sleep safer with those buses, what about the residents of Belize City? It's the most high crime area of the country and now - under the Safe Cities initiative - police are hoping to blanket the city with over a hundred cameras. Williams told us more about the initiative: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "We have come to some agreement that the project will be piloted this December and January of next year. So, we are in the preparation stage for the implementation of the piloting project. We are constructing the camera command center which will be right behind the Raccoon Police Station..."

COMPOL Lashes Out At Liquor License Board
And a part for keeping cities safe is avoiding trouble at nightclubs. And Williams says the liquor licensing board is not doing its part - including at Club Eruption in Ladyville where he has some major issues: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "Over the holiday, I think it was Tuesday night, we had launched an operation at a nightclub in Ladyville, I think it is Eruption Nightclub. Upon the police's inspection, there was no license displayed as is required by law and so the proprietors were asked to produce their license and they couldn't produce one..."

The Strange Case Of Derrick Martinez
Viewers may remember the very strange case of Derrick Ramirez. He was the fisherman from Dangriga who went missing in August of this year while he was a fishing trip near Cross Caye. It was feared that he was murdered, and several days later, his family's worst fears were confirmed his body was discovered off the coast of Dangriga. But, the case took an unusual turn when the main suspect in Ramirez's killing also went missing at sea. He's Oscar Williams Jr., and shortly after police started investigating this crime, he was taken into police custody.

Knocked Down And Killed Child, Pleads To Lesser Charge
He was charged with manslaughter for knocking down and killing an 11 year old girl in 2015, but 58 year old Honduran National Jose Rodriguez pleaded guilty today to the lesser charge. In October of 2015, Terrezah Thompson was crossing the highway to get to her Mahogany Heights home when she was hit by a GMC truck driven by Jose Rodriguez. Young Terrezah was thrown across the highway by the impact and sustained injuries from which she eventually died.

PUP Says Taiwanese Will Hire Belizeans For Road Works in Sarteneja
Last week we told you about groundbreaking ceremony for the upgrade of the Corozal/Sarteneja Road, the 27 miles of road which is estimated to cost 50 million US dollars. Well the opposition has expressed some concern about the project generally. The OECC gave the opposition a presentation of the Details of the road work for the upgrading of the Corozal-Sarteneja Road, and assured the PUP that they are committed to hiring Belizeans to work on the project.

The Best Warrior Competition Returns
Several elements of Belize's security forces are currently competing the Belize Coast Guard's 7th Best Warrior Competition. It's a one-of-kind event where fittest fighting units from the BDF and the Coast Guard engage in some of the most difficult physical fitness tests to find out who among them are the best of the best.

Drums Lead The Way in Dangriga
It may have been Garifuna Settlement Day - but Belizeans of every ethnicity celebrated it yesterday. But, nowhere was it as rich as Dangriga. We have some highlites courtesy the Government Press Office:

PM's Ode To Dangriga's Delights
And, while the day started with festivities the main event was the official ceremonies - which featured the area rep Frank Mena, The Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, the Leader of the Opposition, as well as a number of Ministers, Senators, standard bearers, and diplomats. It was an A-list event, for sure, and the PM put a cap on it with a sort of ode to Dangriga:

Drummers, Take It Home!
And we leave you tonight with more from Dangriga, as those official ceremonies were followed with the customary parade through the streets of Dangriga. We leave you with that, footage courtesy the press office. Enjoy and join me back here tomorrow.

Channel 5

Nasi, Sucu and Jahv are Murdered Several Months Apart
The third member of the Wagner family was murdered in Dangriga on the eve of Garifuna Settlement Day. The southern municipality was overflowing with revelers in anticipation of the holiday [...]

Police Beef Up Presence in Dangriga
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that the police will maintain an increased presence in Dangriga.   The Police Department will be carrying out a number of operations in that town, [...]

Escapee is Alive; Police Actions into Officers Move Forward
Police also gave an update on another case in Dangriga involving a gruesome murder.  In early August, we reported about missing man Derrick Ramirez whose body had washed up in [...]

Police Crackdown on Establishments Licensed to Sell Liquor
The Commissioner of Police says that the police will be cracking down on establishments that sell liquor, particularly the nightclubs.  According to Chester Williams, the crackdown is to ensure that [...]

B.P.D. Concerned that Liquor Licensed Establishment May Not be Meeting Requirements
Commissioner Williams says that his concerns about the nightclub extend beyond not having the liquor license displayed.  He says that this business was granted a license, but there are requirements [...]

The Rights of a Child Takes Center Stage at Children’s Parliament
Parliament today had a much different feel and tone. The special sitting was called to mark International Children’s Day so young students from all over the country were standing in [...]

P.U.P. Legally Challenges Government Expenditure from Public Purse
Opposition Leader John Briceńo and Julius Espat, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, are claimants in a suit brought against the Minister of Finance, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Financial Secretary [...]

FinSec Says Government Regularly Exceeds Approved Limit of Public Monies
While PM Barrow and AG Peyrefitte’s names appear as defendants on the claim, neither government officials appeared in court today.  Instead, the financial secretary appeared alone and was represented by [...]

PAC Chairman Weighs in on Fin Sec’s Testimony
In court, the issue of accountability for a hundred million dollars, spent during the fiscal year 2012 and 2013, was raised before the Financial Secretary.  According to PAC Chairman, Julius [...]

P.U.P. on Sarteneja Link Road
Work for a twenty-seven-mile stretch of road linking Corozal Town to Sarteneja started last week following the inauguration of the fifty-million-U.S.-dollar project. The major infrastructure project is being funded by [...]

Jose Rodriguez, Guilty of Causing Death by Careless Conduct
In the Supreme Court, Jose Rodriguez pleaded guilty to “Causing Death by Careless Conduct” in the fatal traffic accident which claimed the life of eleven-year-old Tezzrah Thompson, four years ago. [...]

Orange Walk Resident Arraigned for Fatal Accident involving Rudolph Arnold
Also in the courts, Orange Walk resident is facing charges of manslaughter by negligence. He is Cyril Valencio, who was driving a delivery truck that knocked down and crushed Rudolph [...]

Lands Minister Hugo Comments on Guatemalan Squatters
A group of about thirty Guatemalan families continues to illegal settle on a piece of land along the western border in Benque, unwilling to relocate because they are of the [...]

B.P.D. Receives Transportation Donation from Taiwanese Government
Today, Taiwanese Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen gifted the Belize Police Department a brand new coaster.  A short ceremony was held for a symbolic handing over, as the coaster bus will [...]

Safer City Initiative Project to be Piloted in Belize City
Police are embarking in a pilot project called the Safer City Initiative. The project will see the installation of a network of high-definition cameras with enhanced capabilities to help police [...]

Lands Minister Explains Extension of Land Amnesty Programme
The government’s Land Amnesty Programme has been extended by a month and three weeks. The programme was originally conceived as a six-month initiate, but a statutory instrument, which was gazetted on [...]

Hugo Patt Speaks on Campaign Progress
Hugo Patt is aspiring to be the first deputy leader for the United Democratic Party. He is part John Saldivar’s slate who vying to be party leader and with Beverly [...]

Day-One of the 2019 Best Warrior Competition
The Annual Best Warrior Competition got underway this morning and continues until Friday.  Teams of competing soldiers of the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coastguard are pushing their limits [...]

Desmond Berry Wins KTV Latino Season Four
This season’s KTV Latino champ is a familiar face from the west. After several rounds of song competition, on Monday night Desmond Berry   went on to take home the title [...]

Miss Universe Belize Destinee Arnold on KTLA 5 News
The Miss Universe pageant will be aired live on December eighth from the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. As that day inches closer, Belize’s delegate [...]

The Reporter

A Challenge To How Petro-Caribe $ Were Spent Goes To Court
Arguments in the Petro-Caribe case of Julius Espat versus the Government of Belize began Wednesday afternoon (Nov 20th.) before Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. The case has to do with the government’s use of some $1.3 Billion of Petrocaribe monies for what Espat and the PUP feel there was inadequate accountability to Parliament.

Garifuna Settlement Day Official Ceremony 2019
In the year 1832 a group of Garinagu, also known as the Garifuna people arrived on the southern shores of Belize, which is now known as the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. By small boats and schooner they made there way across the dangerous waves of the Caribbean sea form the island of St. Vincent.


Garifuna Settlement Day 2019 a huge success
Dangriga saw thousands converge in that municipality in celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day celebration. An official opening ceremony was held at the Alejo Beni Park.

Belizean National is Concordia University 2019 Valedictorian
Corozal Resident, Carlos Zetina wears the Belizean Spirit high as he is named the 2019 Valedictorian of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Zetina graduated with a PhD in Industrial Engineering.

Police Department catering to its officers
The Belize Police Department received a hundred thousand dollars from the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Commissioner of Police sent a proposal to Taipei, Republic of China which amounted to over two hundred and fifty-thousand-dollars to purchase two buses.

Kids today, leader tomorrow – International Children’s Day celebrated in Belize
Earlier in the news we told you of the Children Parliament that took place today in Belmopan. We have gotten the reaction from a Senator and an Area Representative who highlighted the importance of listening to the young voices.

Children in Parliament
The National Assembly was in session today; but instead of the duly elected Area Representatives occupying the 31 seats, children from around the country took over the seats in the House. Correspondent Jorge Aldana was in attendance and filed this report.

Over one dozen new pharmacology students graduate
Over one dozen pharmacists graduated today in Belmopan. Cayo Correspondent Pauline Soberanis-Tillett has the story.

Garinagu tasked with renaming the Hummingbird Highway
Plans to rename the Hummingbird Highway are underway by the Government of Belize. The Garinagu community has been tasked with proposing a name for the Hummingbird Highway as part of this year’s celebrations.

People United Party versus the Government of Belize
While the opposition cannot undo the spending that has been done under the Barrow administration, they are hoping that they could stop them from future undertakings. This afternoon the Government of Belize and the People’s United Party went head to head once again before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.

Jose Rodriguez pleads guilty
Jose Rodriguez pleaded guilty to causing death by careless conduct after his initial charge of manslaughter by negligence was downgraded. The charge comes from a fatal traffic accident that claimed the life of 11-year-old Tezzrah Thompson.

PUP Caucus meets with OECC
The Northern Caucus of the PUP and the Overseas Engineering and Construction Corporation (OECC) from the Republic of China (Taiwan) met to discuss the works that the OECC is currently involved in. Present for the meeting was Vice President James Hsaiao, project manager Pablo Shih, general manager assistant Jason Lin, and a representative from the Embassy of Taiwan, David Wu.

Safer City Initiative
The Commissioner of Police through the Ministry of National Security is evaluating different measures that can be implemented to have a safer Belize. They are in the preparation stage for the implementation of a pilot...

Tourist Discovers Gillnets In Marine Reserve
Last Friday, 450 feet of gillnets were found in the Gladden Split and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. Trapped in the gillnets were a variety of species, including sharks, groupers, and snappers. Julia Oney, one of the...

Eighteenth Night Murder
Within a period of four months, two brothers and their stepfather have been killed by gun violence. 21-year-old Jahvin Wagner was shot to the head on Tuesday night in Dangriga.

Police Operation In Eruption Nightclub
The Belize Police Department continues to crack down on bars and other establishments that sell liquor. On Tuesday Night an operation was launched at the Eruption Nightclub in Ladyville.

Four Persons Busted For Drug Trafficking
A Belize City woman was arrested and charged for drug trafficking. On November 18, 2019, just after midday, police officers conducted a patrol on Waight Street, Belize City. They observed a female, identified as 20-year-old...

Patrick Faber Visits Paris With Other World Ministers
Minister of Education and Culture Patrick Faber has joined the ranks of over 140 ministers and high representatives in Paris, France. During the 40th session of the General Conference, Faber presented a National Statement to 120...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize’s U-18 female volleyball team doing extremely well in regional competition
Belize’s U-18 female volleyball team continues to perform extremely well at the 13th Central American […]

PUP northern caucus meets with Taiwanese construction company
The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party (PUP) met with the Overseas Engineering & […]

Belizean reported missing in Cancun, Mexico
A Belizean woman from Santa Elena, Cayo has been reported missing in Cancun, Mexico. Twenty-seven […]

Important Things You Must Know Before Buying Property In Belize
Are you planning to join the thousands of expatriates and retirees who have bought property […]

Legacy Global Development Anticipates Belize Tourism and Real Estate Boom Resulting from this New Development
As of November 14, 2019, the Government of Belize has officially commenced the construction of the Corozal-Sarteneja Road. […]

Driver pleads guity to child’s accidental death
Jose Rodriguez, 58, a Honduran national charged with manslaughter by negligence, pleaded guilty to the […]

Driver charged in gas truck accident
Cyril Valencio, 31, a truck driver of Orange Walk Town, who allegedly knocked down handyman […]

Sacred Heart Junior College to host open day
Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC) is hosting an open day on Thursday, November 28, from […]

CNBC lists Belize as one of 6 best destinations for adventure travel
Just over a week since its last positive international highlight, Belize has been noted again […]

Taiwan donates funds for new bus to police
Today, the Belize Police Department received a donation of $100,000 for the purchase of a […]

Belize celebrates World Children’s Day 2019
Today oday is World Children’s Day 2019! Belize is celebrating under the theme “ Protect and secure the well-being of our children” […]

SEA Enforcement Team responds to report of gill net found by tour guides
On November 15, Rangers from the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) along with two Belize Coast […]

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture attends UNESCO forum for Ministers of Culture
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture, Patrick Faber, joins the […]


CHRISTMAS IS HERE! A Trip to Mirab is a MUST For the Holidays
I know I KNOW what you are thinking. No Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. But here’s the thing. Thanksgiving is a VERY American holiday. The fairy tale like story of American settlers and indigenous people coming together to feast. The calm before the storm. If you live in Belize – Mirab is A MUST for Christmas cheer. They have 1001 beautiful gift wrappings and bags. The shoes are beautiful – I love that they are everything from glitter heels to Birkenstock like sandals. Sneakers…

International Sourcesizz

Lesser known Caribbean islands make the perfect expat retirement hideaways
The Caribbean Sea’s stunning coastline extends to encompass Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Belize, all offering the same dramatically blue waters and white beaches famed in tourist publications. The lesser-known islands tend to be smaller but no less stunning than their larger neighbours, as well as far less expensive in everything from accommodation to food. Ambergris Caye lies offshore from Belize and has just one town, San Pedro, as well as the Belize barrier reef with its living corals and shoals of fish. Even less well-known is Roatan with its 50 square miles of luscious green foliage, white-sand beaches and laid-back, inexpensive lifestyle. No high rise developments and no big-name resorts spoil its ambience, and English is commonly spoken, making it a dream destination for a comfortable retirement.

Bumpers College Honors Students Publish Service Learning Research
Honors agribusiness major Sarah Beth DeLay completed her research with professorLanier Nalley. Her article, "Poultry, Protein and Profit Across Continents: A Perspective on How Poultry is Changing Lives in Belize and Mozambique," was published in Vol.8 Issue 1 of the journal. DeLay traveled to Dangriga, Belize, where she worked as part of a team to develop an instruction manual for creating a personal backyard poultry farm operation. This manual is intended to help families in a historically poverty-stricken area generate supplemental income through the raising of poultry.

Guatemalan bishops' ministry: Bad idea to send asylum-seekers to jungle
The Guatemalan bishops' migrant ministry has rejected talk of the U.S. and Guatemalan governments sending asylum-seekers to a remote and rugged jungle region rife with drug cartel activities. The bishops said conditions there are not secure for Guatemalan citizens, much less migrants. In a Nov. 18 statement, the migrant ministry raised alarm with a proposal to send planeloads of asylum-seekers from the United States to an airport in Peten department, near the border with Belize and far from the capital of what is considered a highly centralized country with a long history of ignoring its hinterlands.


  • Special Sitting of the Children’s Parliament, 3hr.

  • HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!, 8min. November 20th is observed as World Children's Day. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Belize's Special Envoy for Women and Children Mr.s Kim Simplis Barrow has a special message for the children of Belize.

  • Corozal-Sarteneja Road Project, 2min. The imminent Corozal-Sarteneja Road project will provide 27 miles of paved road to residents of the area, including Chunox, Copper Bank and Progresso. Travel time will be reduced significantly, speeding up transportation of goods and services and opening a door for tourism expansion.

  • Ninel Pacheco of San Pedro at the Special Sitting of the Children’s Parliament, Our very own Ninel Pacheco, sitting in for the Representative for Corozal South East.

  • Sacred Heart Junior College Promo Video, 1min. SHJC is getting ready for their big Open Day on Thursday, November 28th, and they have a great, short promo video highlighting some of their students and campus.

  • Belize City Aerial View, 3min.

  • Big Titty Rum Tasting in Placencia, Belize, 9min. In today's video, we are hanging out at Aphrodite bar and restaurant in Placencia and sampling their amazing rum line up from Big Titty Rum. These Belizean rums are unique flavorful and delicious and we will walk you through all of them.

  • Yurumei 2019 - Parade/Bashment (Dangriga Belize), 37min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize, 39min. Two visits to Belize on kayak and snorkel adventures in 2011 and 2017 with the company Island Expeditions.

  • WE Sail to Belize | Part 2, 16min. This is part 2 of the 3 part series of our sailing adventures to Belize. On this episode of WE|Sail, we find ourselves hosting the sails and heading south through our first atoll. We end up zigging and zagging through this uncharted reef off the coast of Mexico and Belize. It was some great sailing paired with some sketchy moments trying to navigate through a maze of coral reef heads. We finally reach then end of the atoll just in time to anchor for a passing squall.

  • Ziplining Bocawina in Belize, 3min. In this video, we zipline through the rainforest canopy of the Mayflower Bocawina National Park in Belize. With beautiful views of the rainforest, and chasing the setting sun, we end the zipline tour by heading back into the Bocawina Resort.

  • Belize - Diving Turneffe Atoll, 10min. Diving the second biggest barrier reef in the world. This location is called Mini Elbow off of the turneffe atoll.

  • National Oceanography Centre, CME Programme, Belize., 10min. The Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme helps Commonwealth Small Island Developing States (SIDS) make the most of their natural maritime advantages, to enable sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty.

  • I found how many species??? Herping in Belize, 13min. Possums, Bats, Frogs, Ants, and how many other species? One of the first nights I was herping in Belize I found an incredible amount of species. Tons of Ranid frogs, a few mammals, loads of ants, and some of the common species that I found nearly every night in Belize. I hope you enjoy!

  • Arboonbali Light Jigging Trip Nov 2019 Dengan Rod Belize, 24min.

  • Belize Rainforest w Audio, 2min.