I am Kathy's neighbor, I have lived here full time for 19 years. The reason I had not replied days ago is because I had tried to get Jorge Aldana of Love FM and the San Pedro Sun to post a rebuttal. Both has not responded to phone or email. I had even met with Carlos yesterday to give him the benefit of the doubt.
I remember signing a letter for Flynt. I recall it being for a six month term there was no mention in the letter for any "free sand". He was to bring me back a completed copy by never did. I have paid dearly for every single yard of sand put on my property.
We were always concerned with the proximity of the dredging. My pier was damaged by the dredge. I have pictures of the dredge within 2 feet of my pier and it's exhaust line touching the pier. The water depth at the end of the pier was 4 1/2 feet deep now it is over 8 feet. The biggest concern is the sea grass, small coral heads in the area and the thousands of immature conch that are being destroyed.
The silt curtain he says was always there, was only installed after the Mining Unit of Belize caught them after an inspection for a period of several weeks. That was over 2 years ago. Recently after another inspection they installed another curtain which is in place now. Again I have pictures of the sand plume showing no curtain in place.
The road maintenance is better but certainly not maintained every 2-3 weeks. The many trucks of Flynt's are ones doing damage to the road, golf carts do no damage. A big concern is the speed and safety of the trucks, recently a truck coming too fast hit a power pole coming around the corner. The pole was not moving.
Recently because of the higher tides and the amount of sand on Flynt's property, the dredging has caused flooding at the rear of our properties. This has happened in the past with heavy rains but has always dissipated quickly, no longer so.
The noise has become unbearable because of the location of the booster pump. Actually it is louder than the dredge because it is closer to shore.
Judy Ann and Tom are good friends but they can not give an honest opinion because they sold their restaurant and are working for Flynt now.