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Officers attached to the San Pedro Police Formation are being trained for bicycle patrol. Members of the Tourism Police Unit are currently on bike patrol and to have more personnel available when needed, four police constables received training on Tuesday, December 10th. This took place at the Boca del Rio Park and was conducted by Sergeant and Head of the Operational Unit Samuel Gladden, along with police constable Harris Gabourel.

Gladden and Gabourel are certified instructors in police bicycle patrol. They graduated from an intensive course in Miami, Florida USA, and according to Gladden, it is a type of monitoring and pursuing that works well. Each of the four trainees joining the bicycle patrol unit learned how to maneuver their way through obstacles, such as ramps and narrow alleys. The police constables were also trained in the proper way to stop and get off their bicycles without losing their balance. Gladden said that matching the bicycle with the rider is important for the best results. “We are also providing officers with a bicycle that matches his body build, so it is much easier for controlling,” he said. “The use of bicycles for patrolling is very efficient. The fact that at times, downtown San Pedro gets very congested with traffic, this means that the use of bikes becomes very handy to get to a place faster. Also, when pursuing or intercepting a suspect, it can be more efficient, and the delinquent may not even notice you around, compared to using a vehicle or golf cart.” Gladden added that this is a very good way of doing community policing.

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