The island’s police department is investigating an armed robbery, involving at least three tourists some 12.5 miles north of San Pedro Town. The incident reportedly took place around midday on Friday, December 20th, when the victims were robbed at gunpoint of their personal belongings and an undisclosed amount of cash. No one was hurt and police have since increased their patrol in the area to make an arrest soon.

Unofficial reports indicate that the perpetrators could be ‘Playadores’ beachcombers who roam that area of the island in search of ‘wet drops,’ or drugs that at times wash ashore. It is believed that the tourists became a target when they wandered near the area allegedly frequent by the so-called beachcombers.

There are no official details about the incident, but according to a witness, the robbers shot their guns into the air and made the persons lay on the ground. They proceeded to take their belongings (cell phones, jewelry, and money). It is also alleged that other persons were robbed, including some Belizean fishermen, but police could not confirm this.

As the investigation continues into this armed robbery, the San Pedro Police Formation wants to inform the public that they are working hard to find the culprits and bring them to justice. They also note that security on the island continues to be heightened, and both residents and visitors alike should feel secure.

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