For many years I have walked the ambergris beaches from as far south as El pescador all the way up to Rocky Point.

Last year we encountered aggressive dogs, at large, south of Xtan ha. I talked to the owner who was clearly ambivalent and would only say that the dogs won't hurt anyone. Apart from the fact that this is entirely not the point, a dog owner who cannot or will not train dogs to behave, certainly cannot predict if and when aggressive behavior turns to deadly behavior, especially when the dogs are roaming in a small pack.

So we don't go to that part of the public beach anymore, likely satisfying the owner's objective.

This year there are several locations where there are aggressive dogs at large. On Saturday I had my pant leg grabbed by one member of a pack of four or five such dogs north of El Secreto.

There are also two aggressive dogs, unrestrained, at El Secreto that come charging out barking and growling. So far backing down when I stand my ground. But this is a tradegy in the making. It is simply irresponsible for the bank or whomever is holding the paper to this property to allow this situation to continue.

I first started visiting AC in 2001 and have been back at least once per year since. We usually stay 3 to 4 weeks. This dog situation is a recent thing, but it is one more in a growing list of controllable issues that have us looking for alternative destinations.

It is remarkable to me that a region who's economy is virtually entirely dependent on visitors, would allow things like this to continue.

For the record, my experience with the majority of local dogs and their owners has been positive.

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