I went to last night's meeting - it was really really good. Informative, positive energy and community agreement that the police have stepped up their game and gotten results.
Information highlights - more police officers are coming to the island. Community policing is working well. Crime on AC is significantly down. Drug peddlers will find their lives the subject of continued "harassment" until they go away.
One major concern was the effect of alcohol abuse on the community - whether domestic violence, neighborhood nuisances and/or dangerous driving/accidents. Billy Leslie from RRR noted that most of the calls for RRR assistance are alcohol related.
There was a brief and important presentation from Crimestoppers. If you are not comfortable reporting something to the police directly - CALL CRIMESTOPPERS. 922.
SP Sun and AC Today will likely have much more detailed reports on the meeting, so please read them when they come out.
Kudos to Com-Pol Chester Williams, to OC Chris Noble, to the police on the beat who are taking pride in their work and doing it well.