The Columbus Central University School of Medicine and the Washington University of Health and Science have been delisted by the Medical Council of India. According to the university owners the matter has to do with false reports, such as not having adequate facilities to teach medicine. The media was invited today to take a first-hand look at the universityís campus and its facilities. In a question and answer session President Dr. Malik Soudah, stated that they have contacted the Medical Council of India and is confident that the problem will be resolved, and they will be relisted.

Dr.Malik Soudah, Director & Owner: “”Unfortunately when you have successful programs like what we have here in Washington and Columbus University you’re gonna have competition. Now we do welcome fair competition but recently we’ve been exposed to some of the toxic competition, rotten to the core, with it’s paid journalists who in return all they want to do is spread fake news, false accusations and initiating a smear campaign against the two medical schools. Example what happened a month ago some of these false accusations, fake news made its way to one of the agencies outside Belize accusing us of not having classrooms and teachers. So at this moment we are talking to the agency abroad and we’re trying to rectify the problem and it should be solved in the near future as soon as possible. We’ve been in Belize for fifteen years, also we’ve been in the international arena for fifteen years. This is nothing new to us, we’ve been in medical education for almost fifteen years.”

Dr. Malik Soudah noted that the delisting of the university will not impact the students that are enrolled rather only those who wish to apply to the university. There are currently 400 students enrolled at the two universities which are both owned by Dr. Malik Soudah and Peggy Allen. While both universities are under the same ownership they work independently of each other.