Commissioner’s Country Tour reveals a 30% decrease in major crime in San Pedro Town

Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams said that in the coming months, the local police formation will see additional police officers, security cameras will be installed in strategic areas around the island, and assured everyone at the meeting that police will continue working hard and enforcing the law for a safer Ambergris Caye. Williams was happy to announce that in 2019, major crime in San Pedro decreased by over 30%, something not seen in recent years. “We need to recognize the great work that Superintendent Noble has done on the island since he was posted here in July of 2019,” said Williams. “Moving forward, there will be challenges, but we should not make those challenges overtake us.” He explained some of the measures the police will take on the island to deter any illicit activities.

Williams stressed that vetting of such persons engaged in drug selling on the streets or along the beach with continue to be one of their main priorities. “We must ensure that these people do not operate in comfort,” he said. ComPol indicated that gangs and drug dealers tend to conduct their activities when allowed to do so. He stressed that their actions on the island will not be tolerated. ComPol Williams is looking forward to increasing the police manpower on the island to 100 by the end of 2021. According to Superintendent Noble, there are currently 73 officers assigned to Ambergris Caye, by June of this year, 19 more will be assigned. ComPol stated that those police officers assigned to the island who do not have a place to stay will receive a living allowance of around $850 monthly. He briefly mentioned that this has become necessary in order to avoid letting officers stay in hotels, which left the police department with a six-figure debt at Pedro’s Inn. ComPol promised that they will settle that controversial bill via installments.

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