So, with all that said, will Patrick Faber run again when the UDP has a convention to elect another new leader?  Today, he wasn't sure:

Jules Vasquez
"Saldivar's fall was foretold. Did the convention just exist as a battering-ram to get you out of the way because you no gwen lead fi we party, that's how some people felt right?"

Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education
"That's certainly how you felt; I've heard you repeat that over and over in your extended newscast. Anybody who was a standard bearer and all of my colleagues, they have a right to decide on who they wanted to support and that includes of course the Prime Minister, who made it clear he would not gone public but that in fact he would make his choice known to the colleagues and I think he did that but there is no ill feeling there for me. I believe in the things that I put forward, like I said, there was a lesson learnt. If you want to be a leader you have to be able to get along. Anybody would be wise and I certainly out myself in the category of now needing to reflect to introspect on what didn't work out and then try to improve on it, especially if I am to throw my hat in the ring again."

"How long before you think you'll decide whether you will seek leadership again?"

Hon. Patrick Faber
"Well I think that it is a very quick process. Things are moving very quickly, I mean we've had a new leader come and go in a matter of hours, so I don't think it's a decision I can sit on top of very long but I will certainly try to do my best to come up with an answer. I don't think that my supporters certainly, that they ought not be given some kind of word from me very quickly. So, I suspect I'll make a decision over the weekend at some point and let people. I don't get the impression that the party is going to call that convention overnight and even if they wanted to, I think there are regulations that specify a timeframe to give notice and all of that. So it cannot that it is anything quick."

And while Faber hedges just slightly, we asked him if he would support Hugo Patt for leader:

Jules Vasquez
"Would you be prepared to support Hugo Patt as the leader of the UDP?"

Hon. Patrick Faber
"Absolutely, I think that Hugo is somebody who is deserving of the leadership spot. I think in term of his experience, this is something that he will need to catch up on very quickly. The role of leading the party is a tough job, the role of leading the house, leading the cabinet, leading on the matters that would be in a portfolio like that which the prime minister holds which is primarily finance is a big hat and a heavy load to carry but I wouldn't discount anybody who has a genuine heart and is able to surround himself with the right people, I wouldn't discount anybody being able to do the job."

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