American Airlines Will Suspend Flights to Belize

And while those test kits are coming, there's not going to be much else coming in. That is because American Airlines, the US carrier with the most flights to Belize has announced that it will suspend all services effective next Thursday. It signals something very close to a death knell for tourism interests and employees, but, right now, it's the reality all over the world.

Presently, Belize has closed all ports of entry except the northern border with Mexico and the PGIA, and flights are only trickling in there. Manzanero spoke about shutting down air travel, while the Director of Immigration spoke about the protocol for Belizeans coming home - even those who may have flu-like symptoms:..

Dr. Marvin Manzanero - Director of Health Services

"Flights out of El Salvador Aviacana flight is no longer coming, COPA out of Panama no longer coming. I believe flights coming out of Canada tomorrow may be the last flight there coming in. Even though there are not coming as full, my understanding is they're mostly trying to take out the tourist who are still in Belize, American and US Citizens back home because it seems American Airlines will also ground all flights as of next week Thursday."

Deborah Baptist-Estrada - Dir. Dept of Border Management & Immigration

"I must say that the immigration department definitely will be receiving all our nationals, Belizean nationals, it does not matter where they are coming from. Indeed a Belizean national will be able to enter at our ports of entry, that remains open."

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