The easterly Caribbean winds have been pushing back with a vengeance, causing significant cloud over a large area of Belize over night and now fast clouds coming in, presently north and central Belize and coastal southern Belize, but no indication that it will cause any rain during the day. There is high level winds from the SW, but no cloud, it is causing the clouds over the sea off Honduras to curve away in a line. The last two days, significantly the hottest of the year, many large ITCZ rain storms all around, in the evenings, but not over Belize.

Another hot, sunny day, with significant Clouds, no rain expected.

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Temperatures in Belmopan : ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )
Last night min. 22°C 72°F Yesterday max. 35°C 94°F Yesterday Rain 0.0 mm ( 0" )