Update on Unemployment Relief Program

As of noon today, April 20, 2020, a total of 72,213 applications had been subjected to the Unemployment Relief Program since the opening of the program implementation system on April 3 of 2020. This amount includes some of the physical applications that were received, which have already begun to enter the electronic portal.

So far, 32,916 applications have been approved for payment to applicants. These include 7,106 applications that were approved today and already sent to the Social Security Board (SSB) for processing.

SSB has made payments directly to the account of 20,153 applicants between April 9 and 17

Bank Heritage has prepared 2,618 ATM / debit cards, which were sent to SSB offices for distribution. Some of these cards still need to be prepared, so applicants will be notified via text message when their cards are ready to be picked up. Applicants who receive these cards must activate their personal ID number (PIN) in order to withdraw the cashier's money or use the card to make purchases in establishments that accept debit cards.

Due to the large number of applications containing misinformation, the computer technology team is in the process of creating an additional electronic portal that will allow applicants to enter the page and review the status of their application. If additional information is required to advance the application to the next phase, the applicant will be directed to the numbers you must call to provide the required information. This portal is expected to be ready for use within the next two days.

A total of 11, 454 applications have been excluded because the applicant falls under the following classifications that do not qualify:

1. Under 18 years old

2. ➤ has Belizean nationality (this applies only if the person is applying for long-term unemployment relief and does not apply for people who just lost their jobs), or

3. Either a beneficiary of the Government of Belize (GOB) or receives SSB pension, or is part of the BOOST program

A total of 28,159 applications remain pending and are being reviewed as quickly as possible.

As illustrated in the graph, most of the applications for unemployment relief were received during the first six days, between April 3 and 9 They have declined significantly since then.

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