So much for this new burning regulation:

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Fewer Fires Most Smoke

Nasa Satellites saw fewer fires today, reporting only 42 in the San Ignacio area, that's a 77% reduction. But those stats could be due to the overcast. And if you ask San Ignacio residents it surely was. They say the smoke was the worst ever with many blaming Guatemalan farmers and Cattle ranchers operating in the Chiquibul.

And in a Press release today the Friends for Conservation and Development say that a PACT supported overflight conducted today reported forest fires to be quote: "ominously visible throughout the landscape with a blanket smoke descending over and covering the towns and villages."

The FCD recommends among other measures an exchange of notes with the Guatemalan Government about the impacts of their farmers and ranchers, The Development of a bilateral full mapping of the extent and effects caused by the fires, The institution of a Binational Forest Fire Prevention Taskforce, The Imposition of heavy fines and imprisonment on anyone one found slash and burning the forest in the protected areas, and finally the building of local capabilities to combat forest fires.

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These were the fires, 23 Apr in the Belmopan ( top centre ), Roaring Creek (top left) and Springfield (bottom left), rubbish dump ( centre ) area.

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Cristo Rey area formed a volunteer fire fighters group, who helped beat out the fires behind their village. They are going down to fires behind Santa Elena Friday. Hurrah for citizen's group!