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There is a lot of turmoil over central Mexico for the last few days and now over the Yucatan, and there has been another area of high level clouds clashing with easterly Caribbean winds, causing rain mainly off shore near PG. This morning there appears to be some minor clashing just of shore central Belize. But no indication or trace of what caused heavy rain around midnight and again around 5am this morning over Belmopan, where I measured 25mm ( 1" ) of rain. . I don't know how widespread that over night rain was, no indications on any satellite picture.

With so much disturbed air, hard to see what today might bring, high level cloud, sunshine, possibly more rain.

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Temperatures in Belmopan : ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )
Last night min. 23C 73F Yesterday max. 33C 91F Yesterday Rain 0.0 mm ( 0" ) Over night Rain 25.0 mm ( 1" )