Rain started in Benque around 4.30, Fair amount of water for an hour, was still drizzling at 8 pm.

Technically the rainy season has not started, for that, we need -
The definition of the rainy season is :
" Over 31mm ( 1") Rain in a Week, and 6 of the 9 days are rain days, > 1mm. "

So we need to wait for 9 days to know.

There has been a lot of activity all over central and southern Mexico, and Guatamala and Honduras, so it is no surprise that Belize has now been caught up in that. . But it could all go dry again, for the rest of May.
But none of that is an indication of a wet season or a dry season or an over active hurricane season.
Although there are some out there that would like you to believe that. . . I think the hurricane people have been saying an over active hurricane season now for the last 10 or more years, and yet we have not even been seeing even average numbers for some years.. It is all very random.