The rainy season is fast approaching and with all those refreshing showers comes a new challenge: mosquito season. These insects are already making their presence known in San Pedro Town. Local authorities are concerned that it could lead to another outbreak of the endemic disease Dengue. Thus, islanders are urged to keep their properties clean to eliminate any potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

According to Health Inspector Christina Sanchez, spraying is expected to start soon on the island. The insecticide has been ordered, and as it makes its way to San Pedro, Sanchez asks the community’s participation in keeping their yards free of items that can hold rainwater/stagnant water where mosquitoes reproduce. Mayor Daniel Guerrero joined Sanchez in asking island residents to do their part. “Let’s begin cleaning our properties before the heavy rains begin,” he said. Due to COVID-19 and the current State of Emergency, Guerrero said that the SPTC has decreased its operating hours, however, its sanitation department continues to work hard picking up garbage from residential areas.

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