Boat Crash At Caye

There was a boating accident yesterday evening at the San Pedro International Marine Terminal. A 25-foot vessel crashed into the wooden wharf of the terminal.

At around 5:45 p.m., 35-year-old Horace Bladen, a tour guide from Belize City, was the captain of this vessel, which is registered to Searious Adventure Tours. His passengers onboard included 54-year-old Sandra McLean, the owner of the tour company; 24-year-old Roy Bradley; Celestino Campos, and Jose Lopez.

The vessel was approaching the terminal when the boat captain lost control of it. The boat then slammed into the wharf, and all the passengers were flung overboard. Among the injured in the accident were Horace Bladen, who received abrasions to the right side of the face, and a swollen left forearm, and Roy Bradley, who received cut wounds to the top of his head, and abrasions below the right eye. The other persons on board escaped unhurt.

The boat was damaged by the impact, and so was the water terminal's wharf. The value of the damage done to the terminal is not yet known.

We understand that police have recorded statements, and a urine sample was obtained from Bladen for analysis. He was immediately detained for investigation after the accident.

Channel 7