I have always been one to question things when they don't come across as legitimate and I have been crunching the numbers for this Covid 19 virus.

Belize has shut its already weakened economy to the point of people having to accept meals from the private sector to survive and decimated its Tourism industry and caused massive hardship for its citizens

Lets look at why they have done this

Belize has a population of around 380,000 and Covid 19 has taken just 2 lives (tragic for the families) but when you crunch those numbers it works out to be just

0.00052% of the population not even close to 1/4 of 1% the numbers are so low it belies belief that the leaders have even taken notice of this non event.

In fact the negative effect on its people will be way more than COVID 19 and will last way longer even when Covid 19 is no longer on people's minds.

Now Belize is just one country so let's look at what everyone has been seeing on the news and the countries that you have heard that there are people dying in droves and bodies piling up.

The USA just announced today that COVID deaths have hit 100,000 which sounds horrific and it is for those that have died and the families of those that have died but we need to look beyond the sensational headlines and see the real picture.

The USA has a population of 375 Million population
Deaths from Covid are 0.030% of the population not even close to 1/2 of 1%

I am sure you have heard of how bad it was in Italy if you were watching the fake news media

let's look closer

Italy has a 60Million population

Death fro Covid just 0.0006% just over half of 1%

UK 65 Million population

0.0006% same

Australia just 25 Million population

0.000004% not even close to 1/4 of 1%

Thailand 69 Million population

0.0000009% even less and destroyed their economy and made thousands starve

When you look at the numbers and look at how the world's population have had their rights removed as well as the Police happily fining those who are already close to being destitute, crazy rules that you cannot swim in the Ocean, or a $5000 fine for not wearing a mask you have to ask yourself WTF is going on.

to push home how CRAZY this is, I saw a news article that a province in Thailand yesterday reported 1000 cases of dengue within days and 2 deaths from it already

That is 1/3rd of ALL cases of Covid in the country and 100% more deaths than the second-largest city in Thailand yet it was not picked up by the press when clearly Dengue is a MASSIVE threat way more than Covid.

Who knows what the real reason is for this worldwide fraud, but that is what it is, a fraud on the people of the world and the numbers clearly show that.

Can you see the pattern here nowhere near just 1% for any country in the WORLD

The whole thing is a fraud and can be manipulated on how you report the numbers .

Very clear NO COUNTRY should have been shut down with pathetic numbers such as these.

these stats are all mine based on the number presented by each country.

A few other things to think about

1.) It will ALWAYS be someone that is still getting a paycheck that will tell you these restrictions need to stay in place for your own safety.

2.) the current recovery rate for those infected is 99.7% then why would we all need to take a Vaccine if the recovery rate is almost 100% hmmm

3.) you are told to stay home self-isolate to protect yourself from the virus but when there is a Vaccine you will be asked to come and inject yourself with the actual virus as a vaccine..

This is far from over

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