Tuesday June 2, 2020

River Conditions

REGION 7: The Blue Creek Sub catchment of the RIO HONDO is flooded, flood levels have exceeded the historical levels recorded for Hurricane Mitch.

The NEW RIVER is continues to rise slowly but remains below the banks.

REGION 9: On the MACAL RIVER, reservoir levels remain below the spillways at Chalillo, Mollejon and Vaca facilities. At San Ignacio, levels remains below the low level bridge but is gradually rising. The MOPAN RIVER at Benque Viejo Town has exceeded its banks and continues to rise. On the BELIZE RIVER, river levels at Banana Bank has crest at a high of 3.89 and is falling. The CROOKED TREE LAGOON is below the causeway and rising. At Double Run, levels are steadily rising. On the HAULOVER CREEK near Chetumal Street Bridge, levels are normal and steady. On the BURDON CANAL normal and steady levels exists.

REGION 11: The SIBUN RIVER near Freetown Sibun is in flooded and has exceeded its banks. On the Coastal Road the bridge near La Democracia, is impassable of due to flood waters. Levels are steady on the SOUTHERN LAGOON near Gales Point Village. The SITTEE RIVER at Kendal Bridge is steady. The RIO GRANDE is normal steady.

REGION 13: The TEMASH RIVER near Crique Sarco is steady. FLOOD FORECAST -24 HOURS

REGION 7 - The Rio Hondo is expected to continue to rise at Blue Creek and downstream at San Roman, Santa Cruz and Douglas. The New River is expected to increase slowly.

REGION 9 - The Mopan will continue to increase slowly. The Macal will continue increase gradually Banana Bank flood levels continue to falling becoming steady later today. On Lower Belize River, lagoon levels will continue to rise at Crooked Tree. Double Run will approach bankfull stage.

Region 11 - Sibun River will continue to rise at Democracia and Freetown
REGION 13 - Normal levels are espected.

Heavy Rains Result in Flash Floods!

Heavy rains over the weekend resulted in flash floods in a number of countries where deaths were recorded in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. According to the National Met Service, Belize experienced upwards of ten inches of rainfall as a result of a low pressure system that passed over the country. The heavy downpour on Friday night caused flooding in Mahogany Heights, Saint Matthew’s Village and other areas with flood waters covering portions of the George Price Highway. Tonight, those flood waters have displaced thirteen adults and thirteen children who are now in a shelter in Saint Matthew’s village. On Saturday, residents reported that they experienced ten hours of heavy rains on Friday night which washed away crops, chickens and other belongings. Here’s the story.