Quick teaser on Fragments of Hope Rescue nurseries set up in Hol Chan & Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve as an emergency response to Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) May 2020 with a focus on pillar corals.

Assisted Shallow Reef Acroporid Recovery in Belize
"Is it possible for us to leave planet Earth better off for our having been here?" Dr. Peter Glynn's closing remarks after a full day of marine science dedicated to his career.

Creatures that rely on Healthy Reefs in Belize 14 Dec 2019
All these critters seen today 14 Dec 2019 at GSSCMR. It was not a 'routine trip' as we do not usually need bleaching surveys in December in Belize. Not shown is the amount of corals still bleaching , the amount of corals recently dead from bleaching, the horrific amount of plastic and garbage in the sea today and side effects from bad fishing practices.

Severe Bleaching in Southern Belize
Bleaching severe in southern Belize Oct 18, 2019. Note elkhorn not bleaching! From Gladden Spit and the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve aka the 'elbow'

Dave Gulko visits Fragments of Hope in Belize 14 Oct 2019
Dave Gulko's feedback from his visit to LBCNP on 12 Oct 19.