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Xsite Belize Sailing crew and volunteers continue beautifying San Pedro Town

The beautification project spearheaded by the team at Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures continues to give different areas of San Pedro Town a much-needed facelift. The dedicated group has been painting alleys, streets, public buildings, and is appealing to every islander to join in the cause by keeping their areas clean and welcoming to visitors.

With the news that tourists will be welcomed back into the country on August 15th, keeping La Isla Bonita fresh and clean is even more imperative to ensure our visitors get a beautiful welcome. The Xsite crew recently painted the walls around and near the San Pedro High School, which is now a canvas for talented art students to deck it with beautiful drawings. Many of these needed a touch-up, while others were painted with graffiti. Other areas that received paint includes sections and streets adjacent to Pescador Drive.

Overseeing the project is Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures Tammy Lemus, who continues to thank everyone that has donated to the cause and has put their hard work into it. Lemus shared that they are working tirelessly to make things beautiful, one wall at a time, on the island everyone calls home. Lemus encourages everyone to keep their areas clean and beautiful, as tourism is expected to return soon.

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