Chetumal Placed Under Quarantine Ė Again!

Chetumal has been placed under quarantine, again. Thatís the news coming from our neighbours in the north. Televisa Quintana Roo, a Mexican news outlet, reports that the Secretary of Public Security made the announcement today. The decision to restore quarantine is because authorities say that the COVID-19 spread quickly in southern Quintana Roo by almost five percent, while the northern area remains at a little over one and a half percent. Health officials in the southern area report that one infected person can infect as many as seven. The news report says health measures implemented around the markets in Chetumal were able to detect forty people with temperatures above thirty-seven degrees. The latest epidemiological report of their Ministry of Health shows that hospital occupancy is at sixty-nine percent. There is surveillance at the entrance and exit of Chetumal and visits to the prison have been cancelled. Additionally, some avenues and streets were closed off to reduce the gathering of people.

Channel 5