ACP Vidal Recovering From Stroke

Assistant Commissioner of Police, and head of police operations, Marco Vidal is in the hospital showing signs of improvement after having a serious stroke last night.

If you saw him at yesterday's Southside State of Emergency press conference you would have observed that his breathing was laboured, and his speech appeared slurred. Here's a clip:

As you heard, his breathing was laboured, and he appeared short of breath.

Well, right after that press conference, we're told Vidal's speech continued to be slurred and Commissioner Williams himself took him to Belize Medical Associates.

Commissioner Williams told us that when he was admitted, his blood pressure was very high, and he was diagnosed as suffering a significant stroke which caused bleeding in his brain.

He was urgently medicated and reports say that since then, he has shown signs of improvement and can move all his limbs, though - we are told - his speech remains somewhat slurred. Reports suggest that he is expected to make a recovery. We note that Vidal has reportedly suffered mild strokes before.

Vidal led yesterday morning's pre dawn raids across the city, and worked right through until evening when he was taken to the hospital.

Channel 7