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The San Pedro Sun

State of Emergency declared on two villages in the Orange Walk District after an increase in COVID-19 cases
Following a surge in cases of COVID-19 in the villages of San Felipe and Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District, a State of Emergency was declared on Friday, July 10th. As a result, security forces are enforcing a strict measure that prohibits persons from going in or coming out of these villages. The increase in infections is believed to have been triggered after persons illegally crossed the border back and forth to Mexico, where cases have been increasing. Both of these villages are near the Mexican border, which is an area notorious for the contrabanding of goods.

Islanders participate in ‘Conquer COVID-19’ 5k run to raise funds for school supplies
To raise funds to purchase school supplies and help primary school students in San Pedro Town, a 5k Run dubbed ‘Conquer COVID-19,’ was held on Saturday, July 11th. The sporting event, spearheaded by Kent ‘Bob’ Gabourel, Sports Coordinator at the San Pedro Town Council, saw a large number of participants gladly answering the call to support the worthy cause. 5k RunMany families on the island continue to struggle with the effects of COVID-19, which has left many without jobs. As the new school year approaches, getting much-needed school supplies will be challenging for those in dire economic situations. Gabourel indicated that all proceeds from the event’s registration fee will go to assist those in need.

Various Belizean Sources


Corozal Rotary Club starts Interact Club
Meet our New Club Interact Club of COROZAL ! Going out on there first food distribution project helping 20 families soon. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated.

Seafood Open and Closed Seasons
Did you know that in Belize, even if seafood is caught during its open season, it is illegal for a person to be in possession of it once the season is closed? That's why it's always good to know your open and closed seasons. Belize's closed seasons are: • Queen Conch: July 1st - September 30th** (Can be earlier if quota is met) • Spiny Lobster: February 15th - June 14th • Nassau Grouper: December 1st - March 31st • Wild Shrimp: July 14th - March 14th • Hickatee: May 1st - May 31st Fish sustainably. Eat responsibly.

Ya’axché radio talk show July 14
Ya’axché radio talk show is back sharing about our upcoming event, BioBlitz! Tune in on Sunshine Raydio Station 100.9 FM, Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 4-5 pm. Learn how to apply for the event and what the Maya Golden Landscape children will be learning from our expertise. Be sure to join Elizabeth, our Science Director, Ya’axché’s parabiologist and Evarista, our Education and Outreach officer on the Ya’axché radio talk show.

Balam Nah church in Chan Santa Cruz
The Balam Nah church in Chan santa Cruz(Carrillo puerto,Quintana Roo, Mex) is the only church in the Americas build by white Slaves . The Yucatec Maya freedom fighters called themselves Máasewal or Cruzoob Maya were able to create a modern Maya state called Noj Kaj Santa Cruz(1847-1901) . The Maya state of Noj Kaj Santa Cruz was proclaimed on 1849, in Xoken, a south-eastern satellite of modern Valladolid where the Proclamation of Juan de la Cruz Puc was first read to the people.The capital, Noj Kaj Balam Naj Santa Cruz K'ampok'olché , was founded in about 1850 near a sacred cenote, a natural well providing a year-round source of holy water.

Cen was known as a ferocious Maya Máasewal fighter whose orders were said to come directly from Hahal Ku(God). His name is associated with the siege of Tihosuco in 1866, which led to the town’s abandonment as a frontier garrison for federal troops, and with numerous other attacks on towns in the region. Cen is also credited with the completion of the church of Chan Santa Cruz called the Balam Nah , and with the construction of the adjacent garrison for Maya troops (now Casa de la Cultura in Felipe Carrillo Puerto). Cen died of a machete blow to the head at Xuxub in October 1875 in a battle with government troops. The effect of the blow can be plainly seen on the right side of Cen’s cranium, which was brought to the museum in 1998 from Mérida.

By Bilal Morris Besides the small hanger making business he supplements his meager income as a Belizean laborer all his life, my neighbor Mr. Lewis in the 1970s worked what Belizeans called “Waterfront” in between the weekdays as well as on the weekends. Leaving from upstairs of the small wooden house he rents as a single man, he waves to me to signal his departure, a bag with necessities slung across his shoulders. He will see if he would be able to catch a job as a stevedore up at the Belize City customs wharf. It is where the docks are that Belizean laborers unpacked the ships that bring in goods for the Belizean economy as well as loading boats with raw brown sugar from the Belize sugar factory at the old foreshore.

The Reporter

Robbery in Independence Village
A robbery at Anna's store in Independence Village resulted in the assailant taking off with $2000. The owner, Jun Liu, reported that he was seated behind the counter when a male person entered the store, approached him and held him down in his chair. He told the owner not to move then took a small bag which contained $2,000. He then jumped on a black bike and left.

Belize Business Bureau Says Open Airport after Sept. Celebrations
The Belize Business Bureau has written Prime Minister Dean Barrow to request that he consider opening the airport after the September celebrations are over. The letter states that "Belize cannot afford another lockdown nor another state of emergency (SOE). It would take our country into an economic tail spin." The Bureau attributes the new cases of border jumpers a direct result of the opening of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Maya Rivera to mass tourist visitors and it's spilling over from Chetumal to Belize.

Police seal off Blue Creek and San Felipe
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is appealing to residents of Blue Creek and San Felipe, as well as communities which habitually transit the border in the north to report persons who they know have entered the country illegally. According to Williams Police have sealed off Blue Creek and San Felipe and will maintain a constant patrol within those communities.


Anna's store in Independence Village, Stann creek District was robbed just after four o’clock yesterday evening. Police visited the scene and spoke to 18-year-old Jun Liu, Belizean businessman reported that he was seated behind the counter when a lone Mayan descent man entered the store. The suspect was allegedly holding the right side of his waist as if though he was holding something under his shirt. The suspect walked behind the counter and stole over two thousand dollars in different denominations. He then made his escape on a black bicycle. Thereafter, police visited an abandoned building nearby and found the suspects clothing, where they found his social security card inside his pockets. He has since been identified as 22-year-old Armando Pop.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man found dead in Corozal Police Station jail cell
BBN has confirmed that Rayford Anderson, 42, of San Antonio village was found dead inside […]

Belize City Summer Auto Show underway
The Belize City Summer Auto Show is taking place all day today at Riverside Tavern […]

PUP’s Louis Zabaneh calls for more balanced subvention to University of Belize
Dangriga standard-bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP), Dr. Louis Zabaneh, joined Thursday’s march with […]

Development Finance Corporation supports International Cooperatives Day 2020
The Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is to assist farmers in the Nago Bank section of […]

Muscle Hut Fitness Club opens to get you in shape!
If you’re in the Cayo District and COVID-19 has made you a couch potato, we’ve […]

Senate report on Immigration finally on the way?
The long-awaited Senate Special Select Committee Report on the Immigration Department, 2011-2013, is getting closer […]

Belize Business Bureau calls on PM to push back airport re-opening until September
The Belize Business Bureau (BBB) has written to Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, asking […]

Teachers’ Union stands with Christian Workers’ Union in strike call; will Congress do so too?
This week the Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) has been on the picket line on the […]

Robber makes off with $2,000 from Anna’s store in Independence, leaves behind Social Security card
A robber, who hit Anna’s store located on Flamboyant Avenue in Independence Village, Stann Creek; […]

Compol says security forces have “sealed off” Blue Creek and San Felipe
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams said this morning that as a result of a […]


Belizean Made: The Revolution of Belize Fashion
Our placement in Central America, the tropical influence of our Caribbean shores and islands, as well as the intricate blend of Mayan, Hispanic, Kriol and Garifuna cultures have each lended a rich foundation to draw Belizean fashion inspiration from. While September celebrations may look different this year, we reflect on the unmistakeable Belize heat and (would be) festivities to not only dress comfortably, but also fashionably. You’d be surprised to learn that the fashion scene in Belize is blossoming with innovative local designers leading the way. Like many nations whose story began with colonialism, Belize’s fashion & lifestyle reflects the country’s less-than-40 years of independence from Great Britain.

10 Epic Spots to Swim in Belize
Going for a swim in Belize means more than hitting the pool or beach. Instead, here are 10 epic swimming spots where you can cool off after a day in Belize’s tropical sun. Big Rock Falls, Davis Falls, Butterfly Falls, Mayan King, Five Sisters Falls, Rio Blanco, Billy Barquedier, San Antonio Waterfall, Tiger Fern Waterfall, & Cool off the natural way in Belize.

BBQ with a Belizean Twist
The convenience of having someone else cook on the weekend is always welcomed on a Saturday. Nevertheless, in Belize many families enjoy gathering and having a barbecue over the weekend. Belize’s tropical weather always makes for great weather to host a barbecue with family and friends. For your next BBQ add a special Belizean twist to your cooking with Flavors of Belize Cookbook barbecue sauce recipe.

International Sourcesizz

Ambassadors Express Cautious Optimism as Caribbean States Reopen
The Authentic Caribbean Foundation (ACF) presented part 2 of its Caribbean COVID-19 Update discussion forum: Reopening of Caribbean States, which featured Ambassadors of several Caribbean Countries and other community leaders at a Zoom Town Hall on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 4pm. The session lasting approximately 3 1/2 hours was streamed live on various platforms. The Ambassadors and Ambassador Representatives all reported on the state of affairs in their various countries as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Economic fallout was by far the greatest concern which influenced the decisions taken to reopen borders across many of these states, particularly because tourism is a major contributor to the GDP of many of these countries.

Carnival cruise lines plan 'staggered' comeback, won't return to full capacity until 2022
Cruise giant Carnival Corp. is continuing plans for a phased-in approach for its return to sailing, beginning with fewer ships and fewer passengers, on a region-by-region basis. The company will not make a full return in terms of passenger capacity until 2022 at the earliest, according to CEO Arnold Donald. "[The] nature of restart is going to be almost country by country and destination by destination," Donald said on an earnings call Friday, four months after the company paused operations due to coronavirus.

The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners
Every spring, the judges of the Audubon Photography Awards gather at Audubon's headquarters in Manhattan to review their favorite images and select the finalists. But as with much of life in 2020, this year's awards had to be handled differently due to pandemic-related travel, work, and social-distancing restrictions. So, for our 11th annual awards, which saw more than 6,000 submissions, the judges assembled in an epic day-long Zoom meeting to winnow down the remaining pool to just the 10 winners and honorable mentions shown here. As always, the task was simultaneously unenviable and inspiring. The thousands of submissions from nearly 1,800 entrants showed birdlife in all of its splendor. In total, photographers from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and 7 Canadian provinces entered images that captured the creativity, wonder, and beauty of species small and large, terrestrial and aquatic.

The Guatemalan rainforest: Lush jungle, Mayan ruins and narco jets full of cocaine
The makeshift airstrips are sliced into the jungle, clearings carved out of the oaks and palms wide enough to land jets full of cocaine. The planes arrive in the middle of the night, their lights off, guided by drones, unsteady under the weight of the drugs. They descend over Mayan ruins, over camps of jaguar researchers and ornithologists, over illegal settlers and ranchers. The cat-and-mouse game between the United States and the leaders of Latin America’s drug trade has shifted to this wild stretch of Guatemala, one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the Western Hemisphere. Jets can carry more than $100 million worth of cocaine, to be ferried swiftly out of the jungle, through Mexico and on to the United States.

Go Inside: Photographing Belize from the Air
Over the last 20 years, Tony Rath and LightHawk have teamed up to photograph the jungles, coastline, and reefs of Belize from the air countless times. Tony shares what he’s learned over the years about making aerial images with LightHawk. My flight day begins with a motion sickness pill and a good breakfast. Even the hardiest stomach can churn when banked 45 degrees while peering through a viewfinder. A peek into my gear bag reveals two camera bodies, two wide angle and a couple telephoto lenses, extra batteries and CF cards. If we will be shooting over water, then a polarizer filter is a must...


  • Summer Car Show - Universal Hardware, 9.5min.

  • Summer Car Show - Caribbean Motors, 3.5min.

  • Summer Car Show, 11min.

  • Summer Car Show - Belize Diesel, 10min.

  • Summer Car Show - Tavern, 3min.

  • Summer Car Show - Motor Solutions, 10min.

  • A MOTORCYCLIST IS INJURED IN A HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT ON 7TH AVENUE IN COROZAL, 1/4min. Corozal Police are seeking the public's assistance in identifying a female driver who hit a motorcyclist on 7th Avenue earlier this morning and drove off without rendering assistance. The motorcyclist has been taken to the Corozal Community Hospital with injuries.

  • The Climb: Belize Graduating Class of 2020, 35min. The celebration continues as we head out west to join our students from high schools throughout the Cayo District! We'll also be hearing from our Youth Ambassador as well as the President of the BNTU, Cayo principals and a special item from Eden SDA High School!

  • FISHING WITH CHICKEN ON VACATION IN BELIZE, 7min. Belize happens to be among the luckiest fisheries in the world. One of the key reasons for this is that the country lies right on the Belize Barrier Reef. , one of the largest coral formations in the entire world! The reef is home to more than 500 species of fish, and is the prime culprit behind the creation of an impressive variety of flats and lagoons.

  • Drone footage of Corozal Belize, min.

  • Sharks in Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Trip 2014, Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley, Xunantunich, 4.5min.

  • Manatee tour from the one and only Jamal!, 3min. Did you know manatees were once thought to be mermaids? Join us for a mini Manatee tour with Jamal Galves and learn all about proper manatee manners when encountering these gentle sea cows.