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Torrential rains overnight in the Toledo district
Have resulted in flooding of the Southern Highway in Jacinto village. The Barranco junction is reported to be under water and portions of the highway as impassable as of 6:00 a.m.


Government’s perspective on feud with cane farmers and BSI/ASR
A few weeks ago we reported on the feud between the cane farmers and BSI/ASR. The farmers were complaining that the mill was taking no more cane and that they were experiencing losses. Meanwhile BSI/ASR explained that the mud in the cane was creating issues for them. Love News reached out to the Minister of Food and Agriculture Godwin Hulse who gave the government’s perspective.

Patrick Faber speaks on the recovery of the Economy
With Belize’s general elections looming, whoever is elected as the next Prime Minister, Patrick Faber or John Briceno, they will be faced with multiple challenges as the Covid-19 endemic has brought on severe financial struggles. While the People’s United Party says they will be releasing their plans soon for the recovery of the economy, Faber was on The Morning Show yesterday where he spoke on the fact that the next leader will have to make hard decisions to rebound the economy. One of the things Faber touched on was public service. While he says that he is not looking at retrenchment, he is looking at the possible transference to the private sector.

Edmund Zuniga transferred from Ministry of Immigration
There have been some changes in Minister Godwin Hulse portfolio. With the resignation of CEO Jose Alpuche from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, CEO Edmund Zuniga has been transferred from the Ministry of Immigration. Our news team caught up with Minister Hulse who explained the changes.

Government has not received official report on chicken shortage
Recently, there were reports of a chicken shortage. We went looking for answers and found that for Quality Poultry Products there was no shortage. The Poultry Association did, however, confirm that there was a shortage. It turns out that the challenge was primarily for Caribbean Chicken. In recent weeks their coolers have been have filled and there is a notice in their Belize City store limiting customers on how much each person could purchase. Minister of Food and Agriculture weighed in on the matter.

Wilfred Sedi Elrington announces his exit from politics
Foreign Affairs Minister and Area Representative for the Pickstock Division, Wilfred Elrington has confirmed his exit from party politics. The 71-year-old politician has been serving in the Pickstock division as the duly elected representative since 2008. His decision to retire from politics comes on the heels of Sunday’s leadership convention that saw Patrick Faber sworn in as the UDP’s Party Elect. Aside from refusing to serve under Faber, Elrington is jumping ship indicating that things will not get better any time soon.

Attorney assists families who were affected by State of Emergency
Attorney and member of the Justice for Humans, Michelle Trapp, is reaching out to assist those who loved ones were detained under the State of Emergency. The organization is for those who need legal assistance but either cannot afford it or are unsure of how to start the process.

PBL threatens to terminate workers
The Port of Belize employees have been protesting during their lunch hour for the past ten days and there hasn’t been any progress in settling the impasse between the employees and the company. As a matter of fact, the President of the Christian Workers Union, Evan Mose Hyde, says things have gotten worse with PBL as they are exploring the idea of having employees terminated on the basis of redundancy.

Belize Bank credit Card limits lowered
The Belize Bank has issued an advisory to its credit card customers informing them that their limit has been lowered to one thousand US dollars. According to the bank, this adjustment is being made due to the shortage of US currency in the country

Gaspar Vega resigns from politics
It has only been forty eight hours since Patrick Faber was elected as the UDP’s Leader-Elect, and already he has seen the resignation of three elected officials. The most recent comes from Gaspar Vega.

Sister of alleged border jumper speaks out
On Friday 23-year-old Olga Galdamez was taken to court and denied bail after she was caught illegally crossing into Belize in April. Galdamez is a Guatemalan who was placed in quarantine but later escaped.

WATCH: Belmopan residents weigh in on the reopening of PGIA
The Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) is set to reopen in thirty-two days. In previous newscasts we have aired the views of several individuals and organizations who are opposing the decision to reopen.

Belize records 50 murder for first six months of 2020
Belize has recorded fifty murders for the first six months of 2020. The first murder for the year was a 16-year-old, Samantha Conorquie.

BTB explains Gold Standard Program for hotels
The Philip Goldson International Airport is set to reopen on August 15, and Belizeans are concerned over the protocols put in place to keep the country from importing more covid-19 cases. The Belize Tourism Board...

CCJ allows the DPP appeal to proceed on Calaney Flower’s case
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) delivered a judgement this afternoon on the murder case involving Calaney Flowers. Flowers was acquitted of the charge in the Supreme Court of Belize but the

Two more cases of COVID-19 detected; Belize now has 16 active cases
COVID-19 UPDATE A further 88 samples were processed today, some of these included the initial set of samples picked up from contact tracing and the mapping exercise done over the weekend linked to the last...

MOH and MOE working to reopening schools
In 28 days schools will be reopening their doors for students to come back in the classroom for face to face learning. We asked the Director of Health services if the schools will be prepared to open by that date.

Dean Barrow, on his way out of office
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is on the last leg of his political career. With elections looming for sometime in November, Barrow will be demitting office as a Parliamentarian and as the head of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Initially, the Prime Minister had indicated that once a new leader was elected he would be going into early retirement. With Covid-19 and other hiccups in his plans, the Prime Minister categorically stated that he will not be leaving office early.

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Central American locusts arrive in Belize – crops and pastures may be devastated
Photo courtesy: Guatevision Around 6:30 pm today, several by-standers witnessed a swarm of locusts near […]

Belize confirms 2 new cases of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health informed today that 2 new cases of COVID-19 were detected. The […]

Gaspar Vega resigns two days after Patrick Faber won the UDP’s leadership convention
Our newsroom has confirmed that Gaspar Vega, area representative for the Orange Walk North electoral […]

United Kingdom scientists using llama blood to help develop COVID-19 vaccine
Scientists from the United Kingdom’s Rosalind Franklin Institute are using antibodies found in the blood […]

Central America COVID-19 toll reinforces Belize’s caution
The statistics suggest Belize should have a much higher toll of COVID-19 compared to its regional […]

Teacher’s Union conducting school preparedness survey
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) is seeking feedback from its membership on the Ministry of […]

University of Belize braces for hard times – salary cuts of 25 to 5% being recommended to the Board
The University of Belize issued a memo last week sharing some of its proposed action […]

Belize to receive US $12.4 million from World Bank for COVID-19 impact
Belize will strengthen its response to the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with […]

Village councils asked to assist with enforcing emergency protocols
The National Association of Village Councils (NAVCO) has called on its membership to “take the […]

University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union receive Trade Union certification
On July 13, 2020, the University of Belize Faculty and Staff Union was certified as […]

Alex Balona-Real Representation in Cayo Central
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Over 265 citizens to receive recognition certificates from Police Department
The Belize Police Department (BPD) is hosting a National Citizen’s Appreciation Day on July 15th, […]

No NHI for the rest of July
People who rely on National Health Insurance (NHI) to mitigate the cost of medical services […]

Central American locusts destroy crops in Peten
Prensa Libre Guatemala reported that the presence of locusts are putting at risk large numbers […]

Belize Water Services announces several interruptions
Belize Water Services Limited has announced the times and locations for several interruptions of service […]

Manatee Man, Jamal Galves, rescues baby manatee
Conservationist Jamal Galves rescued a baby manatee on Monday. Galves is an Associate Research Biologist […]

Weak tropical wave approaching
The latest weather report from the National Meteorological Service of Belize says that a weak tropical wave is […]

Flooding reported in the south
There are reports of massive flooding coming out of the Toledo district this morning. We […]


The Many Faces of Belize - Part 3, THE STORY OF JULIO RUANO
The moment you meet Julio, you will be greeted with a warm smile and an attentive ear. His concern for you as a customer is instantly apparent as I discovered when I first met him at “The Boat Yard”. Yes, that’s the name of the business. At age 19, somewhere around 1998, Julio began working at Ramon’s Village as a Dive Master’s assistant. At that time on the tiny island, dive certification was not required to work in the industry but that changed within 6 months of his arriving. Julio was soon certified as an open water diver and continued his training all the way to Rescue Diver. During his time there he would learn to captain a boat and all the other duties common in the industry. The schedule was grueling, working seven days a week and diving 3 dives a day. After 3 years of continuous repetitive work, Julio began to burnout.

Shark Awareness Day: Top places to sight sharks in Belize
Today, July 14, we celebrate Shark Awareness Day! In recognition of this day, we’re highlighting the places in Belize to spot these beautiful creatures. Nurse Sharks at Shark Ray Alley – Hol Chan Marine Reserve, & Whale Sharks – Gladden Spit & Silk Cayes Marine Reserve.

International Sourcesizz

Hawaii Delays Plan To Reopen To Tourists
Hawaii delayed its plan to allow out-of-state visitors to return to the vacation hot spot by a month because of an increase in coronavirus cases in the state and on the U.S. mainland. In late June, the governor's office announced that travelers could visit Hawaii beginning Aug. 1, no quarantine required, by presenting a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding a flight. Without one, passengers arriving from the mainland would have to strictly quarantine for 14 days, a policy in place since March that has scared away most tourists and wrecked Hawaii's tourism industry. The surge in cases has made it harder for people in many states to get tested. Hawaii Gov. David Ige said at a news conference late Monday that the travel program won't begin until Sept. 1, a decision he said was not made lightly.

World Bank Financing for Belize to Assist Over 13,000 Poor and Vulnerable Households in Response to COVID-19 Impacts
Belize will strengthen its response to the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with US$12.4 million from the World Bank. The funds will be used to provide social assistance to poor and vulnerable households impacted by the crisis. “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to serious economic and social challenges for Belize,” said Tahseen Sayed, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean. “The World Bank mobilized a rapid response to support the country’s efforts in mitigating the impacts on the poor and most vulnerable populations.”


  • Thousands of locusts destroy crops in Las Cruces, Petén, and alarm farmers, 1min. Farmers in Belize are monitoring the situation in neighboring Guatemala and Mexico. Farmers in Las Cruces, Petén in Guatemala are concerned that their crops have already been invaded by thousands of Central American locusts, whose voracity puts at risk corn, bean, sugar cane, chili, tomato, citrus, banana, coconut, mango and grassland plantations. According to farmers in the area, since Friday, July 10, large numbers of insects have invaded cultivation fields, mainly corn and grasslands, putting the production of basic grains and livestock feed at risk, the two main residents' sources of income. The swam of locusts was recently spotted about seventy miles from the Western Border. We are told that locusts are also affecting fields in northern Honduras and southern Yucatan.

  • Nurse shark encounter by the shoreline during evening exercise., 1/2min.

  • A Piano solo from Jordan Can - 'Risk', 5min. Entry from BIJF's Online Competition. Make sure you attend the BIJF Concert on Saturday, July 18th at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex (Ticket booth area) to catch our winners perform!

  • Coping with COVID webinar, min. The free Coping with COVID webinar is Wednesday morning at 7am. Hey hey hey! What does your Wednesday morning look like? We welcome you to join the webinar at 7am Belize time! The discussion will be about the New Normal, Adapting Positively, What do you want decision makers to do, and How are young people contributing. Don’t miss out!

  • Coral Triangle Adventures Virtual Snorkeling Tour, 13min.

  • COVID - 19 Update - School Reopening, 46min. Senator Elena Smith - President, Belize National Teachers's Union

  • State of Emergency Report, 38min. Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police, Belize Police Department

  • Historical Lessons - When Leaderships Change, 47min. Carolyn Trench - Sandiford - Political Analyst

  • Join The Fun Dancing Punta: Kadisha (Belize), 1.5min.

  • This is Belize | La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge 2020 Day 3 | Canoe Race, Supa G and Party Vibe, 12.5min. Today, the Belikin La Ruta Maya is considered one of the longest canoe races in Central America that brings together professional and amateur paddlers from all over the world who take on the four day grueling challenge of paddling 175 miles of the Belize Old River against rapids and winds.

  • September 10 Carnival Parade Punta Gorda Belize, 14min.

  • Grand Caribe Belize Short Video on Four Rules of Release, 2min.

  • Grand Caribe Belize, Deep Sea Fishing Tournament 2020 Rules, 19min.