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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Police Department recognizes citizens during first-ever National Citizen Appreciation Day
Law-abiding citizens were honored for their partnership with police in assisting them with services and supporting the police department efforts. A number of islanders were recognized with certificates from the San Pedro Police Formation on Wednesday, July 15th , who thanked them for their support and partnership. The event was part of the National Citizen Appreciation Day celebrated countrywide and saw over 250 citizens being recognized. The occasion honoring law-abiding citizens and role models was held under the theme ‘Honoring and Celebrating our Citizens for partnering with us for a safer Belize.’

25th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations between Belize and Cuba
The Belize-Cuba bilateral relationship bears all the signal markers and achievements of a robust, deep and fruitful partnership. The two countries have implemented a multitude of cooperation agreements covering many areas such as agriculture, health, education, and tourism. Belize and Cuba have undertaken many high-level visits, expressed positions of mutual support in international fora, and engaged cultural, sporting, and diplomatic accreditation exchanges. At critical moments of national disasters and in this COVID-19 pandemic, both countries have extended assistance to one another.

San Pedro dive businesses to apply set of guidelines provided by DAN
Hoping for a comeback, a few dive shops in San Pedro Town are preparing for a re-opening by adapting to guidelines shared by the Divers Alert Network (DAN), focusing on protecting staff and customers, disinfection, infection control and limiting the spread, along with how equipment and operations can be best administered. A detailed document of the guidelines can be accessed HERE. These recommendations by DAN aim to enable businesses to resume operations as responsibly and safely as possible. DAN hopes that the information shared is useful for everyone. However, they do not expect everyone to adopt each measure, thus, they encourage dive shops to implement what works best for their businesses. Below are some pointers provided by DAN.

Ambergris Caye won’t be affected by reduced NHI services
The medical services of the National Health Insurance (NHI) will not be available to those who rely on it for the remainder of this month. This is due to budget cuts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This limitation in services will apparently only affect NHI clinics, thus services are not expected to be disturbed at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II on the island, as it does not fall under that category.

Various Belizean Sources


25th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations between Belize and Cuba
Today, July 15th, marks 25 years of established diplomatic relations between Belize and Cuba. It is, therefore, an opportune time to reflect on the evolution of this bilateral relationship. The Belize-Cuba bilateral relationship bears all the signal markers and achievements of a robust, deep and fruitful partnership. The two countries have implemented a multitude of cooperation agreements covering many areas such as agriculture, health, education, and tourism. Belize and Cuba have undertaken many high-level visits, expressed positions of mutual support in international fora, and engaged cultural, sporting, and diplomatic accreditation exchanges. At critical moments of national disasters and in this COVID-19 pandemic, both countries have extended assistance to one another.

Caye Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. re-opens
It's time! We will reopen Wed July 15! Opening hours are weekdays, 8:00am until 12:00 noon. Come and get your hot and iced coffee, packaged coffee and snacks. We've got your Dario's Beef Pies! Also offering Jerk Chicken or Coconut Empandas and Donuts. Hope to see you soon!

Road repairs in San Pedro
Today, our team was in the San Marcos Area cleaning up the streets. We continue to remind all residents to kindly bag your garbage and maintain the containers inside your property.

Belizean artist Katie Usher’s new e-book "Katie"
I work within the community to create work for the community. Not that I am completely opposed to the galleries and museums with their white walls, but these can alienate those who didn’t study art or who feel that what is inside was not made for them. My concept is to keep the dinner on the table and have the neighbours and friends come.

Camp Se Konsa school book sale/exchange
Camp Se Konsa is having a school book sale/exchange on Saturday the 25th in Spanish Lookout.

3 Year Anniversary Celebration, Hosted by Stella's Sunset
Come help us celebrate our 3 Year Anniversary! Doors open at 5pm. Live Music with Eddie McGuire 6-9pm. Wine & drink specials, free snacks. Located lagoon side 1 mile North.

Belize and Cuba 25th anniversary of bilateral relations
Today, Belize and Cuba are turning twenty-five years of having established diplomatic relations. Therefore, it is an appropriate time to reflect on the evolution of the bilateral relationship. The bilateral relationship between Belize and Cuba points out and indicates achievements of a solid, deep and fruitful partnership. Belize and Cuba have implemented a multitude of cooperation agreements covering many areas such as agriculture, health, education and tourism. We have conducted many high-level visits, express positions of mutual support in international forums, committed cultural and sports exchanges and diplomatic accreditation exchanges. In critical moments of national disasters and in this COVID-19 pandemic, countries have helped each other.

Labour Complaints Tribunal
The Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby informs of the establishment of the Labour Complaints Tribunal. In accordance with the Labour Act, Chapter 297 of the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011, Section 200, “A Labour Complaints Tribunal shall be established for the purpose of providing a fair and impartial appeal process arising from complaints of unfair dismissal or wrongful termination.” Additionally, in accordance with paragraph one of the Schedule of the Labour Act, the Honourable Minister of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development has appointed the following persons as members of the Labour Complaints Tribunal for a period of three years with effect from March 1, 2020:

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint "Davis Falls". join us this week to paint at Crazy Canucks. I have chosen to leave space for creativity! Maybe you want to add a butterfly, a gecko or ladybug! Or you might love the simplicity of the Monestera Leaf! $40bze gets you everything you need to paint a 12"×12" canvas. You may also request a 9" x 9" canvas for $30bze. Please click going and send us a private message on the paint n splash page to secure your spot.

Belize Tourism Industry: Charting a Way Forward Forum
Meet our Panelists! Panel #3: Financing the income gap!

Here are some interviews contributed by Belize Yucatec Maya on the locust natural phenomenon in Belize many years ago
"Many years ago alot of locusts came and at all our crops and all our milpas. We had no food except for pumpkin" Daniel Cawich (Yucatec Maya elder of San Pablo, Orange Walk) "It happened years ago, here in Belize. The grasshopper ate all in its path but primarily corn and orange leaves. It lasted like a month. After that month, they left but also left behind a lot of eggs which started to hatch. My great grandfather said that the eggs started to hatch and the villagers dug holes and with wanu (thatch) leaves they use to sweep them inside the holes and burn the locusts. My great grandfather told my dad that the locusts even tried to eat the thatch leaves from their homes. It was very sad for farmers and it happened during a hot summer time." - Jonathan Samos

Road Repair in Corozal
The Corozal Town Council advises the general public that repair works have been carried out along First Avenue, between 1st Street North and 2nd Street North (by Corozal Methodist Primary School). As a result, this section of the avenue is completely CLOSED to vehicular traffic, cyclists and pedestrian-use. Municipal officers will keep an eye on the area and will issue tickets to anyone who traverses over the repaired area while this advisory remains. The Council appeals to residents to demonstrate appreciation for the hard work that our operations department does to ensure the upkeep of our community.

Volleyball Camp in Belmopan starts Monday

Water quality data collection project for the Mopan River
With the financial support from GIZ Selva Maya Program, FCD is launching a water quality data collection project for the Mopan River. The 5 month project will center its attention on the municipalities of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize and Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. This is another citizen science program with member participation from the FCD Environmental Youth Group, Todos Por Un Mundo Verde, Cayo Watershed Conservation Alliance, CORE and the Chiquibul-Mopan Watershed group in Peten. Both the Departments of the Environment from Belize and Guatemala as well as the Municipal Mayors endorse the initiative. Dr. Ed Boles and Lic. Gerson Ochaeta are the technical experts for training and capacity building.

Corn Husk Doll Making class
Today's Corn Husk Doll Making class with Beverly Orio continued with finishing up of the dolls and learning the skill of making corn husk flowers!!

Channel 7

Still No Answers On The Origin of COIVD Case In San Ignacio
Tonight, health authorities cannot say where Belize's COVID case #39 came from. The patient is from Santa Elena, Cayo, and he deals in scrap metal while his wife works at the market. Today on Ask The Experts, The Director of Health Services described them as a, quote, "very humble couple." end quote.And, patient #39 had lots of informal contacts - Dr Manzanero explained: "He has acknowledged, the couple has acknowledged that they have had multiple contacts by virtue of the work he does. He is into scrapping metal, that is his business..."

Blue Creek’s COVID Cluster is a Family
And while the Cayo area is being studied closely, Blue Creek and San Felipe and the northwestern Orange Walk District remains under state of emergency lockdown and curfew. That's after 7 cases came out of there - all tied to one family with a history of border jumping. This evening on Ask the Experts Dr Manzanero said that they are not being fully cooperative with authorities: "So three minors were picked up and because they were alone at home when they were picked up, intervention was done through the Ministry of Human Development and eventually another family member, adult, accompanied the children to the quarantine center in Orange Walk..."

A Small Protest To Keep The Border Closed
And while the totally unregulated border jumpers are driving the COVID numbers up - many Belizeans are equally concerned about the opening of the Phillip Goldson International airport to tourists, especially American tourists coming from city like Houston and Miami which have soaring infection rates. Tonight, that re-opening is exactly one month away and one group armed with picket signs protested the decision in Belize City's cornerstone of resistance, the Battlefield park. Cherisse Halsall went into the crowd. There were less than a dozen protesters gathered in Battlefield park this morning. They were a Ragtag bunch who'd made their placards and signs out of recycled cardboard but they didn't lack passion.

Dr. Manza On Double Anxieties: School & PGIA
So, the double anxieties of the airport opening on August 15th, and schools opening 5 days before are very much on the minds of Belizeans in the middle of July. Today, Dr. Manzanero discussed both looming events - and said that at some point, the community has to make informed decisions about living with COVID 19 - because it's gonna be around for a while: "The issue keeps coming up what about schools and I know there is a valid concern, elements of fear, fear of the unknown, fine. But if we don't want to open schools then I would assume that we are going to be protecting our children, but I see children everywhere. I see children in market areas, out walking, we just got ask earlier today in one of our social media pages if children can be out on the street after 6-8pm..."

COMPOL Says Border Jumping Is Hard To Stop
And while parents wrestle with how to keep their children safe once the airport reopens, Manzanero said that the greatest threats are, first, from border jumpers, and second, from the Belizeans who return once the airport opens, since they won't have to go into mandatory quarantine. But that is a month away, right now, the jumpers are driving the COVID numbers up - especially, as you heard earlier, through the La Union border crossing in Blue Creek. These jumpers are a major problem for the police and this morning Commissioner Chester Williams told us that plugging every blindspot in a large and porous border would require an impossible amount of manpower.

Life Under Lockdown In The Northwest
And while we can only hope that we're not entering an era of COVID-19 witch-hunts with neighbors calling out neighbors for the slightest sniffle, truth is, It was only through community reporting that the Ministry of Health was able to zone in on those Blue Creek cases. This Morning Commissioner Williams told us a bit about what life is like for those villagers under lockdown. "Yes the state of emergency in the Blue Creek/San Felipe area is still ongoing. You would know that it came about as a result of a cluster of confirmed cases of Covid-19 that the ministry of health detected in that area and so there have been severe restriction to the movements of persons as well as goods and services to and from the affected area..."

The Good Ol' UDP Hug-Up For Saldivar and Faber
Since Sunday's election of Patrick Faber as the leader elect of the UDP, there have been persistent rumours of cabals and conspirators plotting to de-stabilize the Barrow cabinet and up-end the UDP. And while two incumbent area reps have announced that they will not run again as a direct consequence of Faber's election - it doesn't appear that the convention casualties will go much further than that.And that's because, by all outward appearances, debated candidate for leader, John Saldivar is showing that he is on-side with the Faber leadership.

UDP Tony Talks Of Unity
And while Saldivar appears to have fallen in behind Faber, will his closest allies like Dr. Angel Campos and Frank Pawpa Mena do the same? That's left to be seen, but one of Saldivar's most faithful allies, UDP Standard Bearer for Corozal Southeast Tony Herrera says he's not going anywhere. This, despite credible reports we had received from his political associates who say Herrera had indicated on Sunday that that he was not prepared to serve under new leader-elect Patrick Faber. We could not reach him for comment yesterday, but Herrera told 7News via phone this afternoon that he remains in the race as southeast standard bearer, and committed to the UDP. Here's his interview with Jules Vasquez:

Finally, the 60-page Report on the Senate Immigration Probe
There was a Special Sitting of the Senate in Belmopan today in which there were robust debate and several sparring matches between the parliamentarians of the Upper House. We'll have all that for you, but for context, there were three main pieces of business that the Senate focused on today. Those included, the re-appointment of the Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the appointment of a new Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, and the most divisive motion of the day, the tabling of the majority report from the Senate Special Select Committee.

Hon. Aldo Confronts Critics
Today's motion to adopt the Senate Special Select Committee's Report on Immigration gave the Chairman, Senator Aldo Salazar, a chance to respond to his critics. Viewers will remember that some went as far as to suggest that he was deliberately delaying the completion of the report for the political convenience of the ruling UDP.Today, he told his colleagues in the Senate that he simply has had to shrug off very unfair comments about his performance as the chairman of the committee. Here's how he explained it:

Some Senators Not Happy With Integrity Commission Chair
The other important piece of Senate business that was debated today was the re-appointment of the Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Deshawn Arzu-Torres. That's the body that is supposed to keep elected politicians honest, by ensuring that they aren't using their public office for unjust enrichment and personal gain.

Independent Senate Wants Politicians To Declare
While he was making his contribution to the debate for the reappointment of the chairman of the Integrity Commission, Business Senator Mark Lizarraga raised concern coming from the business community. This afternoon, he announced that his constituents aren't pleased that elected politicians have been allowed to get away with failing to declare their assets, which is supposed to take place annually.

Senate Debates/Approves New E & B Chairman
And finally from the Senate tonight, we report now on the debate discussing the appointment of attorney Estevan Perrera as the new Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission.All the Senators have agreed that he has their confidence as a Belizean with high integrity. What they are questioning, however, is whether or not he will be able to act impartially as the Chairman of the Commission.Several of the parliamentarians of the upper house made sure to stress that he has served on politically-appointed posts under the ruling Barrow Administration.

Cops Show Citizens Love
Last night we told you that the cops were replacing police week celebrations - too dangerous and expensive to carry through during COVID-19 - with Citizen's Appreciation Day. It's an initiative in which officers thank the community for their role in making successful policing possible. The Commissioner told us about the activities that took place countrywide. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "We sought an alternative to police week which is a citizen's appreciation day, a day that we can take to celebrate those citizens who continue to stand by our side through thick and thin in ensuring that our police department gives the level of service that it is expected to give to the wider public and so I want to say thank you to each of you awardees today. It shows that we're not in an entanglement but rather in a marriage."

Police Partners
As you saw special awards were given not just to outstanding individuals but to businesses that have sponsored or participated in policing programs. The Commissioner says that the government will never be able to provide the police department with all the resources they need and indicated that globally police departments rely on sponsorships to fill in the blanks.

Big Promotion For Senior Cops
And while the Police took the day to honor citizens, they are also celebrating the promotions of some highly accomplished officers. The Commissioner discussed their new appointments earlier today.

Vidal Still Recovering From Serious Stroke
Another outstanding officer ACP Marco Vidal remains at home after suffering a serious stroke last week. You'll remember that Vidal led last week's pre-dawn raids across the city, and worked right through until evening when he was taken to the hospital. This morning the Commissioner told us that Vidal is the road to recovery and eager to get back to work.

COMPOL, Word To The Mothers
And what about the men detained in those raids? 32 of them have ended up at the Belize Central Prison but the Commissioner says that number is far below that of those detained. He also said that they tended to be younger men and sent a message to many of their mothers who have been speaking out on their son's behalf.

PUC "Orders" Resistant BEL to Sign PPA
Turning now to utility news, the Public Utilities Commission is basically going to force BEL to sign an expanded power purchase agreement with Santander. At a press conference today, the PUC Chairman said that BEL had been dragging its foot on an agreement the PUC feels benefits all:

BEL Asks For Independent Expert
The PUC also held its press conference to say that the full tariff review period has been pushed back to August because of COVID 19. In March 20th the PUC suspended the FTRP. That was right after BEL entered an objection to the initial decision - which means an independent expert has to be appointed.

PUC Says BEL Was Averaging Bills
And, we also asked the PUC chairman to discuss the high electricity bills that many Belizeans were complaining about in April and May. First off, he stresses that with all that Facebook chatter, not a single consumer sent a formal complaint to the PUC for them to investigate.

NEAB Slams Appointment of Pro LGBT Judges
Tonight, the National Evangelical Association of Belize is expressing its dissatisfaction at the recent appointments of judges in the Supreme Court. They are particularly singling out ascension of attorneys Lisa Shoman and Westmin James, who both represented Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM, in the Supreme Court case which resulted in the legalization of consensual, same-sex acts between adults.A press release from NEAB says, quote, "The... Association... is deeply troubled by events occurring in the Judiciary of Belize, regarding the recent appointments of two Supreme Court Justices, as well as the delay in confirming the position of the Chief Justice. We note with great alarm that two UNIBAM attorney advocates have been appointed to the Supreme Court and that an ambitious billionaire is pulling strings for the appointment of another UNIBAM attorney advocate!

New Scene For SOC Team
The Scenes of Crime Unit has moved out of the Queen Street police station and into a Building belonging to the Prime Minister's law firm. We asked the Commissioner what prompted the move.

A Land Line To Call
The police department has also announced the establishment of a second toll-free hotline for the reporting of domestic violence. And this morning just after the announcement the Commissioner told us that victims can be prevented from speaking out by abusers that keep a tight grip on resources. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:"Every effort that we get that helps to eradicate the scourge of domestic violence or gender-based violence is important. Oftentimes people find themselves in a position where they are being abused and particularly women and for some reason or the other they are unable to report the abuse because of one lack of resources meaning communication resources or two fear..."

UB Is Haemorrhaging
The University of Belize is hemorrhaging. That's according to a press release sent out this evening that finally outlines the measures that President Sankat's has placed before his board of Trustees. Those measures include a salary reduction, effective August 1st, across the board with a tiered reduction beginning at 25% at the top most band and reducing to 5% at the lowest band. Increments across the board for all employees will be frozen for the 2020-21 financial year, with the provision that the forgone implementation will still apply to pensions at retirement or upon departure from the University.

Channel 5

Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee Tables Report, Finally
Today, the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee Senator Aldo Salazar tabled the long-awaited senate report. The one hundred and sixty-page report confirms the findings of the Auditor General Special [...]

Senators Debate Report
In her report, the Auditor General found that, “since the law does not provide for ministers to intervene in the visa process, it was illegal for them to do so.” But [...]

Faber and Saldivar Meet Amid U.D.P. Resignations
U.D.P. leader elect, Patrick Faber met this morning with former political opponent John Saldivar, their first sit-down after the leadership convention on Sunday.  At the time that the official results [...]

Are There More U.D.P. Resignations to Come?
While several others are said to be considering not seeking re-election in November, the U.D.P. chairman says that in the case of Gapi Vega and Sedi Elrington, all indications were [...]

Mike Peyrefitte: “Disappointments are to be Expected”
In the wake of the convention, supporters of both John Saldivar and Wilfred Elrington are disappointed with the outcome, however, there are no confirmations on any new resignation in the [...]

COVID-19 Shows up in San Felipe, Blue Creek and Santa Elena
Residents of San Felipe and Blue Creek Villages in Orange Walk District, whom health officials believe may have been in physical contact with persons who recently tested positive for the [...]

Latest COVID Patient Shows No Sign of Respiratory Distress
Orange Walk District is the last to have recorded cases of COVID-19; however, it presently has the most active cases.  In Santa Elena on Tuesday, a man in his early [...]

Latest COVID Patient is a Metal Scrapper
The latest coronavirus patient is a businessman whose livelihood is scrapping vehicles.  His wife, who is also part of the contact tracing exercise, is a clothing vendor at the San [...]

Attorney Estevan Perrera is New Chairman of Elections and Boundaries Commission
The Senate today also debated the appointment of attorney Estevan Perrera to the post of Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission. He succeeds former chairman, Doug Singh, who resigned [...]

Attorney Deshawn Arzu-Torres Reappointed as Chairman of Integrity Commission
Attorney Deshawn Arzu-Torres’ appointment was also before the senate. She was reappointed to the post of Chairman of the Integrity Commission. Arzu-Torres was first appointed on June first, 2018 for [...]

Opposition Senators Reject Appointment of Arzu-Torres
Coming down hard with criticisms against the government was the Opposition Senators.  One of the roles of the commission is to guard against illicit enrichment by public officials. Besides calling [...]

Reopening P.G.I.A. – Choosing Destination Based on Health, Safety and Cleanliness
The reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport is not without opposition; there are concerns about the risks associated with international visitors being allowed to enter Belize from countries recording [...]

Belizeans Returnees are of Equal Concern Regarding COVID-19 Spread
While concerns are being raised about the reopening of the Philip Goldson International Airport one month from today and the idea of visitors spreading COVID-19 in the country, the primary [...]

How Ready is the Tourism Industry for the Reopening to International Visitors?
…and how ready is the tourism industry for the reopening to international visitors? For some time now, hotels and properties across the country have been following sanitization guidelines set by [...]

ACP Marco Vidal Recovering at Home!
Assistant Commissioner of Police Marco Vidal is at home recovering from a stroke that he suffered one week ago. Today, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that Vidal [...]

ComPol Says He Had No Hand in Scenes of Crime Relocation
The Scenes of Crime Unit has relocated from the Queen Street Police Station to a rental office space of Barrow and Williams, the Prime Minister’s law firm building on Albert [...]

Protocols for the Movement of Goods In and Out of San Felipe and Blue Creek Villages
The State of Emergency remains in place for the villages of San Felipe and Blue Creek. And if you think you are getting in or out, Commissioner of Police Chester [...]

Hotline and P.S.A.s to Address Border Jumping and Contraband
The Belize Police Department says that it is taking policing of the border jumping and contraband trade to another level. In the coming days the department will have five hotlines [...]

Belize Police Department Hosts First Ever Citizens Appreciation Day
The Belize Police Department says that COVID-19 and budgetary restrictions prevented them from observing their Annual Police Week. But what they didn’t cut back was the appreciation for citizens who [...]

Full Tariff Review Proceeding for B.E.L.’s Rate Resumes
On March twenty-first, the Public Utilities Commission suspended the full tariff reviewing proceeding for Belize Electricity Limited based on the utility company’s recommendation, as well as the state of emergency [...]

Lifeline Foundation Issues $130K in Tuition Relief for Thousands of Students
There were happy faces at the Biltmore Plaza today; more than two thousand four hundred children will benefit from tuition relief given to eighteen schools.   The scholarship comes at a [...]


Belizean author publishes self-titled book
The Image Factory Art Foundation has put out its first publication since it reached its 25th anniversary. “KATIE Numi Usher” is a twenty-page book that captures the artistic history of the past 12 years of the co-author of the same name.

Dollar Van association wants to keep increased prices
Today a meeting was facilitated between the Belize City Council and the Belize Dollar Van Association (BDVA) to discuss the 100% increase in Dollar Van prices. The association apparently does not want to revert back to charging only a dollar.

DHS speaks on recent covid-19 cases
The Ministry of Health is currently monitoring 16 active cases of covid-19 in the country. One case in particular has caused plenty of concern for the Ministry as well as for residents.

Man shot in derriere
A man in Camalote Village, Cayo District, has survived an attempt on his life. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

WATCH: Belizeans protest the reopening of the PGIA
A handful of Belizeans took to the streets this afternoon to join the “Nuh open di PGIA” protest. These persons are vehemently against reopening the Philip Goldson International Airport, which is set for August 15.

UB cuts salaries for employees
The University of Belize is cutting back on expenses due to a stark reduction of income caused by covid-19. This reduction comes from a cut in the government’s subvention as well as a projected loss in tuition income.

Man missing in Teakettle Village
A 21-year-old man of Teakettle Village in the Cayo District who reportedly suffers from mental illness has been reported missing. Wilford Max was last seen on Tuesday, July 14, at about 3:30pm.

Belize and Cuba celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations
July 15 marks 25 years of established diplomatic relations between Belize and Cuba. In a release from the Government, they highlighted that the two countries have implemented many cooperation agreements covering areas such as agriculture, health, education, and tourism. Both countries have benefitted from the mutual support.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Government cutting budget for office space and dwelling rentals
The Government of Belize, in its ongoing cost saving measures, is cutting the amount of […]

Ministry of Health reviewed Ministry of Education’s action plan, thinks it is “solid”
The Ministry of Health (MOH) says that it has reviewed the Ministry of Education’s (MOE)’s […]

Ministry of Health asks public to be respectful of due process for information dissemination
The Ministry of Health says that it is being bombarded with requests for information regarding […]

Repatriate tests positive for COVID-19 authorities not concerned
A man from the repatriate flight that came to Belize on Friday has tested positive […]

“Border jumpers need to be immediately swabbed,” says Director of Health Services
Director of Health Services for the Ministry of Health Dr. Marvin Manzanero said today that […]

Evangelical Association concerned over Supreme Court appointments
The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) has expressed grave concern over the appointment of […]

Latest COVID-19 patient’s wife says he is slowly improving
The wife of the 50-year-old COVID-19 patient from Santa Elena, Cayo told BBN today that […]

Wife of latest COVID-19 patient pleads for food assistance
The wife of the 50-year-old COVID-19 patient from Santa Elena, Cayo is pleading to the […]

Inquiry was about politics, says Committee Chairman Aldo Salazar
Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee on Immigration, Aldo Salazar, concluded that the odyssey of […]

Senate to adopt Special Select Committee Report on Immigration
The Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee, Aldo Salazar, has moved the motion to adopt […]

Small protest staged to keep Philip Goldson International Airport closed
A small group of people has gathered at the Battle Field Park in Belize City […]

Man from Teakettle reported missing
The family of Teakettle resident Wilford Max, 21, is concerned about his whereabouts. Max’s dad, […]

Cuba and Belize celebrate 25 years of diplomatic friendship
Cuba and Belize are celebrating 25 years of diplomatic friendship, cooperation, and solidarity today. Cuba […]

Belizean artist Katie Usher’s new e-book calls readers to a place of reflection
Katie Numi Usher, a Belizean artist who has been working in the country’s creative sector […]

Chairman tables Senate Special Select Committee report
Some two-and-a-half years after its hearings ended in December 2017, the Chairman of the Senate […]

Caribbean Court of Justice upholds right to appeal verdicts of non-jury trials
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) yesterday ruled that the State, represented by the Director […]

Ministry of Health says contact tracing is ongoing for COVID-19 patient from Santa Elena
The Ministry of Health informed yesterday that it had detected 2 new cases of COVID-19. […]

Dianne Finnegan leaves Youth Apprenticeship Program
Dianne Finnegan, long-known for her work as the Director of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, announced […]

PUP says privileged UDP continue to prosper while basic services such as NHI for Belizeans are cut
The People’s United Party (PUP) issued a statement calling out the government for punishing Belizeans. […]

Belize monitors 16 active cases of COVID-19
The Ministry of Health is currently monitoring 16 active cases of COVID-19. Of those 16, […]


Top 6 Things to Do & See in Ambergris Caye
Belize is located in Central America, only a 2 hour flight from Miami. The country has beautiful jungles, Mayan Ruins and some of the best snorkeling and diving in Latin America. ‘The undisputed superstar of Belize's tourism industry, 'La Isla Bonita' strikes an impressive and perhaps even magical balance of large-scale tourism development with a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Sure it gets busy – especially in high season when an endless procession of golf carts clogs the narrow streets of the main town, San Pedro – but it's still the kind of place where it's acceptable to hold up traffic while you greet an old acquaintance.’ Lonely Planet Here are some 6 recommendations for activities during your vacation on Ambergris Caye;

My Eight Craziest Adventure Tours In Belize
Belize is full of adventure. Such a small country but you can be at the Second Largest Reef in the world on one day and then spelunking deep within a limestone cave the next. There are so many different tours and trips that you can take on your trip to Belize – some more popular and some very customized and personal. Here is a list of some of the craziest adventure tours I’ve been on. For such a chicken, I’m getting better and better at this stuff!

Top 8 ‘Must-Try’ Foods In Belize
When looking to vacation in Belize you might be unsure of various things, one of them may be the food. Here in Belize, we have a ‘melting pot of cultures’ which extends to the kitchen making our food and dishes a unique taste of Belize. Belize’s culinary is probably the most diverse and delicious one you can find in the entire world. When you are in Belize, here are the top 8 foods you need to try:

Celebrating PADI Women’s Dive Day in Belize
Celebrated on July 18, Women’s Dive Day aims to continue the tradition by celebrating our connection to each other and the ocean. For the sixth consecutive year, PADI® Dive Centers and Resorts worldwide will host divers for a global celebration of shared adventure, passion and ocean conservation. Join divers around the world – enjoying and educating others on the underwater world – whether online or in person! Belize has forever been a premier diving destination, being home to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 185 miles long, the Belize Barrier Reef offers exceptional diving sites that will leave you in awe. Belize is home to over 100 types of corals and 500 types of fish species; with rarities too, the reef paints a colorful and vibrant underwater scene.

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Ireland Has a New Coronavirus Fear: Americans Who Flout Quarantine
The government is under fire for not enforcing the rule that people arriving self-isolate for 14 days. With the pandemic still raging in the United States, concern has focused on Americans.

A Guide to the Caribbean Islands Reopening this Summer
The latest updates from Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and more. We'd all love to lay out on a beach right now—and no one does beaches better than the Caribbean. But more than toes in the sand, what the Caribbean and its economies need right now are tourist dollars. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, 14 of the 15 most tourism-dependent nations in the world are in the Caribbean, with Aruba, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Bahamas in the top three spots.

A UC Riverside researcher may have discovered a way to save our citrus trees
Attention home gardeners: Our beloved citrus trees may yet be saved from the incurable huanglongbing, a.k.a. HLB or citrus greening disease, thanks to natural immunities found in a rare and flavorful relative known as the Australian finger lime. After five years of study, a team of UC Riverside researchers led by Hailing Jin, professor of plant genetics, identified which gene in the finger lime causes that immunity and extracted it to create an antibiotic that has killed the disease in young trees raised in laboratories and controlled environment greenhouses. The treatment can be used as a spray or an injection, but don’t go rushing to your garden store just yet.

A New Album Turns The Sound Of Endangered Birds Into Electronic Music
An international collective of electronic music DJs and composers is taking beats from the dance club to jungles and forests and back, all to help save nature's greatest singers. A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is a new album that samples the sounds of endangered birds and whose proceeds go directly towards efforts to save them. Robin Perkins is a 33-year-old DJ, composer and producer originally from Glassup, England. He goes by the name El Búho or "the Owl." Perkins produced the first volume of this project in 2015, A Guide to the Birdsong of South America.

Princess Cruises announces 2021–2022 Caribbean Season
Princess Cruises guests sailing to the islands of the Caribbean now have a diversity of itineraries and cruise ships including MedallionClass vessels, to choose from with the announcement of the cruise line’s fall 2021 to spring 2022 cruise season, open for sale July 22, 2020. Key season highlights include: Seven-day Caribbean itineraries on MedallionClass ships Sky Princess and Caribbean Princess include a range of itineraries visiting the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Popular port highlights include St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Grand Turk, San Juan and St. Kitts in the Eastern Caribbean and Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Belize City and Roatán in the Western Caribbean. Both sailings visit Princess’ private island resort, Princess Cays, in the Bahamas.

Lazard gears up for post-COVID sovereign debt restructurings
More governments could be forced into negotiations with creditors this year as the coronavirus crisis piles further pressure onto countries already struggling with debt repayments, executives at investment bank Lazard said. “Countries that have borrowed in a currency that is not their own and don’t have a central bank that can help are being choked,” Pierre Cailleteau, managing director in Lazard’s Paris-based sovereign advisory team, told Reuters. “There are going to be many situations of financial distress.” Belize said recently that it would ask holders of its U.S. dollar bond due in 2034 to agree a deferral of interest payments for six months, citing a devastating collapse in tourism revenues because of the pandemic.

As seaweed becomes a top crop in East Africa, a new program will help farmers grow it sustainably
Seaweed has become one of Zanzibar’s major crops since seaweed farming was introduced on the Tanzanian archipelago in the 1980s. Exports were valued at $5.2 million for the year ending in May, up from $4.1 million the previous year, according to the Bank of Zanzibar. The aquaculture industry is estimated to employ more than 25,000 people, an overwhelming majority of them women. The Nature Conservancy currently operates similar seaweed farming programs in Belize and Indonesia. In the first year of its new Tanzania program, the environmental organization plans to work with 100 farmers on the islands of Pemba and Unguja to develop best practices to manage their small-scale farms sustainably and increase yields.


  • Wednesday's "Ask the Experts", 56min. Joining us was Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services.

  • Special Sitting of the Senate, 35min.

  • Driving in Belize City (Narrated) From Fabers road to Baymen Av., 23min. Belize city is very unique in so many ways. When you hear about a city we might think of a place that is Big and that have huge building, big mall, wide streets and of course a lot of traffic. So when you think of Belize city visualize something completely different. Belize is very easy going and the people are very friendly. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • Mike and Andreina vs coconut on the beach (Placencia, Belize), 5min. So this was my first time in the Caribbean and I didn't realize there are coconuts growing everywhere and you can just pick and eat them. Take in the scenery and ambiance with me on this incredible beach while a scavenge for a sna

  • Mrs. Marta Reyes of El Dorado Coconut Oil Products out of Xaibe Village talks about going green in using biodegradable packaging for her products, 2.5min. She has represented Corozal and Belize at cultural events in Mexico and is a regular participant at the monthly Art in the Park. We absolutely love her soaps!



  • Loreto Pelayo and Christopher Deshield - a duet - 'Shiny Stockings', 3.5min. Here's another entry from BIJF's Online Competition.

  • Classroom on the Sea | Belize 2019 | Vlog of a VMI Cadet, 3min. A Video made from footage from last year when I was given the opportunity to study Marine Biology at Belize. By far my favorite class I’ve taken.