These are the surnames recorded in General Return of the Inhabitance in the Bay of Honduras, Free People of every description and Slaves - returned 22 October, 1790:

Anderson, Askew, Baldwin, Banner, Bartlet, Barrett, Barry, Bath, Belisle, Bennett, Bird, Blandford, Blanchard, Blinshal, Blyth, Bode, Bourke, Bowling, Brohier, Briton, Bromwell, Brooks, Brown, Broster, Bull, Burncau, Burrell, Cabot, Cadle, Campbell, Card, Carman, Carter, Catto, Chaplain, Clapper, Clark, Collins, Costen, Courtnay, Cox, Crawford, Croft, Cunningham, Cushing, Dalton, Daniels, Davis, Dawson, Dennis, Dingaderry, Dodd, Doherty, Douglas, Duberdu, Duncan, Ellis, English, Ermond, Evans, Eyre, Ferguson, Fitzgibbon, Foster, Fowler, Freeman, Frost, Fulton, Gabourel, Gale, Gapper, Garbutt, Garnett, Gibson, Gladding, Goff, Glover, Gordon, Grant, Green, Hammond, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hawkins, Haylock, Henry, Hensley, Hercules, Hewlett, Hickey, Hicks, Hill, Hodge, Hodskinson, Holmes, Horn, Hubbuck, Humes, Hughes, Humphreys, Hutson, Hyde, Inness, Jackson, Jennings, Jones, Keef, Keith, Keir, Kelly, Kendal, Kenny, Kerr, Lamb, Laurie, Lawless, Lawson, Leary, Legge, Locke, Longsworth, Jeffreys, Mackay, Manuel, Maskall, Massey, Matterson, Mauger, Maurechaw, McAulay, McGillirray, McIlhany, McKenny, McKenzie, McVie, Meighan, Millar, Moodie, Moore, Mordon, Morgan, Murray, Myvett, Neal, Nelson, Nicolson, O'Brian, Old, Ortiz, Park, Parker, Parsons, Paslow, Patnett, Paterson, Perry, Perryman, Pervost, Pinder, Potts, Power, Price, Rabone (Rhaburn), Randall, Remington, Robertson, Robinson, Russell, Savery, Scott, Seddon, Shears, Sharp, Shaw, Shipton, Shively, Slusher, Smith, Snelling, Somervill, Spencer, Stan, Stewart, Sutherland, Swasey, Tatum, Taylor, Tedder, Thomson, Tinkam,Tillett, Todd, Townson, Trapp, Tucker, Tyler, Tyson, Usher, Valentine, Vernon, Wagner, Waldson, Walker, Wall, Wallis, Weatherly, White, Wickery, Williams, Wilson, Winter, Woodberry, Wormell, Yarborough, Young

(NOTE: 1 page missing, so I may have missed a name or two.)

Isn't it interesting how many of these names have disappeared from our population; but are immortalized through the names of places, streets and structures in our country? Any Eyres, Hutsons, Glovers, Hicks, Kendals, McIlhanys, Yarboroughs, or Paslows around that you know of?