15-year-old Kyle Carias died tragically and suddenly last night from injuries sustained in a freak boating accident.

It's a turn of events that his family could never have imagined but one they are grappling with tonight. Cherisse Halsall has that story.

Blood was left on the deck of this small boat yesterday when Kyle Carias's brother, Giovanni, rushed him off to Belize City in a desperate attempt to save his life.

He was gravely injured when another boat passed too close causing a swell that knocked him overboard - and fell right unto the engine's propeller.

His brother was also thrown to the deck and struggled to stand, all the while experiencing a feeling of foreboding.

Giovanni Carias- Kyle Carias's brother

"We were just having fun and enjoying and then after I felt the wave I saw when he fell and then I noticed, like I felt like something bad was going to happen so when I got up and I saw him floating the first thing in my head was jumping in the water to help him and then I hadn't realized what happened exactly until after they brought him up from the boat, I saw the cut and it just could see everything going on inside. All I did was apply pressure to his head, I had him on top of me and I noticed he couldn't breathe so I had somebody doing CPR so I was holding the pressure on his head and then somebody else doing CPR so I was holding the pressure until he took out water then I noticed that he started breathing again he was alive, I was checking his pulse the whole way and we came here, the thing is that we called the ambulance from Caye Caulker and so we expected an ambulance to be here already. So, when we got here to the dock there was no ambulance. We rushed, we lifted up, I got help from someone here and we took him to the front and the same time I picked up passed and just put him in the back and took him to the hospital and from there I don't know what happened."

The boy's step-father is also mourning, reminiscing on the boy he raised and the sense of humour that will no longer be there to brighten his days.

Pornel Coc - Kyle Carias's Stepfather

"I got to know his mother pretty much about 12 years now and from then I started to pretty much raising them together, we all lived together and that's the way it is you know that I try to have them as family, part of my family. They were just having fun they went to have, some fun with a tube, some people call it a hydro slide a tubing that you drag behind and they were having fun. He's just a funny little kid you know, he'd just tell you things out of the way just to make you laugh out of nowhere, that's his good part, that's the thing I'm gonna miss him for."

Giovanni Carias remains in disbelief at how swiftly his little brother lost his life. He says he held him in his arms until the very end according to Carias it was the very least he could do because they'd always had each other's backs.

Giovanni Carias

"The thing is that I don't spend much time with him because I live in Orange Walk, I just came Monday so at least I spent a little two days with him."

A wake will be held for the teenage later this week.

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