What's on Brent's mind? He's just a guy in Belize with strong opinions on current affairs, politics, the economy, and society. Unfiltered and uncensored, this weekly podcast will give you something to think and talk about.


Episode 1 - KKK / PGIA / UDP, JULY 06, 2020

The former leader of the KKK might be a citizen of Belize. Concern about Covid-19 when the Belize International Airport re-opens in August. And everything old could be new again when the UDP elects their next leader.

It's the debut episode of Brent's Two Cents, the newest podcast from Belize!

Episode 2 - Faber Shocks the UDP! Another State of Emergency. What's Really going on at Elections and Boundaries?, JULY 13, 2020

Patrick Faber pulls off a David vs. Goliath and is the new leader-elect of the UDP. What will that mean for both major parties come election day?

How do we balance the desire to be safe with the right to be free? One retailer bans men from their store while another state of emergency gives Police the power to ignore our constitutional rights.

And why can we only transfer voter registration in July and August? My two cents on the real reason for such an odd policy.

Episode 3- Back to School Covid Concerns / Why I Did Nothing When I Witnessed Corruption at the Immigration & Nationality Department, JULY 20, 2020

Parents are worried about sending their children back to school on August 10. My two cents on why August 10 is the wrong date to start the new school year.

Also, scandal at the Immigration and Nationality Department is nothing new. I share a deeply personal story about the time I witnessed corruption happening - just as new Belizeans were being sworn in - and why I did NOTHING about it.

Episode 4 - WTF Happend at Port? / How "Karen" Could Harm the Belize Tourism Brand, JULY 26, 2020

My two cents on a dark day in Belize's history as the GSU unleashes tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters at the Port of Belize. Why did this happen and who gave the order to attack?

Also, there is more than just health risks to consider with reopening the airport to foreign visitors. A few pissed off "Karens" could destroy the tourism brand of Belize. Is BTB ready to respond when that happens?

And a bit of good news about how Rotary and other generous Belizeans raised funds to help children prepare to return to school during these challenging times.

Episode 5 - Danny Mason Sentence is Not Enough / US Ambassador Nominee Wants to Starve the Poor / Paranda Boy and the Magical Guitar, AUGUST 03, 2020

The Danny Mason Five are going to prison for life. My two cents on why justice has yet to be served and who else needs to pay for this crime.

President Trump has finally nominated a US Ambassador to Belize. However, there is one big problem... his nominee thinks poor people are like stray animals!

And in the Good News segment, I'll speak to Garifuna musician Clayton "C-Wills" Williams about Paranda Boy and the Magical Guitar. This wonderful illustrated children's book will be available starting August 14th.